New Customers Satisfaction

New customers satisfaction drives repeat business. See this example of how one company delivers satisfaction.

When a company saves my business over 60.5% and gives super-fast  delivery, then that is very welcome. However, we got more than that from this new supplier.  If you have a laser printer, I think you’ll be interested to read about our experience…

We have a very good color laser printer.

As with all laser printers it needs to be fed toner to keep working. And, because it is a color printer, there are four toner cartridges; black, magenta, cyan and yellow. Replacing those toner cartridges is expensive – actually you could buy a new laser printer for less than the cost of a set of 4 of these cartridges!

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Saving Money

Now – like any owner who has a company’s interests at heart, I'm always searching for ways of saving money.

I found a website online that supplies toner refills: TonerTopUp and, after reading their extensive information and FAQ pages, decided to give it a go. Especially when I realized I would be saving money compared to buying a set of new cartridges.

The refill toner and a ‘start-up’ kit were ordered at 16:05 after a few phone calls and promptly answered emails to a very friendly customer rep.

I received the package the next day.

So that was a good start to a new business relationship, but there was more to come…

New Customers Satisfaction, Little Things Mean A Lot…

As a new customer, I was very impressed.

They supplied detailed instructions, including advice about how to handle the toner and avoid spills that could damage surfaces or clothing. Plus, since you might not have these items to hand, they included the kit to follow that advice,

So, what was in the kit they sent?

Plastic gloves – to keep your hands clean (never had those supplied with a toner top up kit before!)

And – don’t laugh... a large sheet of newspaper to cover the work surface – in case you hadn’t got any lying around.

Plus, in the starter kit, they supplied extra tools – just in case you needed them – which we didn’t. Not cheap, tacky tools – they supplied a set of good-quality  screwdrivers and pliers!

And – just to sweeten the whole package – they popped in a chocolate bar to enjoy too.

All simple and inexpensive actions that created a good first impression and created new customers satisfaction.

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What Do I Offer?

As a business, I too, worry about new customers satisfaction.

For any product bought on QAS, since we mostly deal with digital products, we provide a bunch of free (over 15) downloads that help the customers improve their QA systems right away.

For some of our software like TrainingKeeper and 8D Manager we provide an extensive follow-up email chain to help the users get the maximum benefit of the software. These reveal software secrets and enlighten users on better processes to manage their systems with the software. Since the software supports multi-user use, we provide a significant discount on new users.

For our classes like Scrum, Risk Management, Six Sigma Lean Black Belt, we contribute reference books and materials, certificates, and a great phone app for mobile studying. Plus, we furnish free classes in these fields to get new customers use to our approach.

Stay in Touch

Be honest – how many business people do you know who diligently conduct sales follow-up? How many times did they lose out with future sales without even knowing it?

Back-end sales, which come as a result of creating a relationship with new customers, is rather important to a business. Especially these days when they might be fighting for survival. And even if business is booming, it’s no reason to be complacent about keeping those communication lines open – is it?

Get your system set up so everyone in your business knows exactly the follow up process is; keeping your customers informed about your products or services and what you can do for them.

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