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Please use our free employee evaluation software spreadsheet to accomplish employee evaluation and ranking. To get the spreadsheet, please sign up for QA Solutions E-zine.

A focused organization understands that this process ensures they reward their best performers. Plus it helps them legally justify, in a time of economic downturn, how they chose to let go personnel.

Performance evaluations should feed the ranking process.  Ranking scores go lock-step and tie into employee compensation planning methodology to ensure the company rewards and retains their best and most reliable people.

Our free employee evaluation software easily adapts to literally any business type. You can easily customize this  spreadsheet to meet your needs.

It comes with completed examples, totally hidden-formula driven, and easily adapts to all business types.

Highlights of the Employee Evaluation Software 

  • provides example ranking criteria
  • comprehends the weighting of the criteria
  • comprehends multiple workgroups, i.e., customer service, technical support, professional, sales, leadership, etc.
  • comprehends different ranking criteria for each workgroup typescores example individuals
  • comes with full instructions easily adapts to all business types

Note: This is a comprehensive tool, but don't let it scare you. Fields you do not desire can be easily deleted.

To ensure you're rewarding and retaining the company's best and most reliable people, there's no reason not to download this employee evaluation software today.

Employee Handbook Kit includes two Employee Handbook templates for Professional & Manufacturing. Includes over 60 policies and benefits templates.

Employee Handbook Policies & Benefits

Hiring Employees

Business management planning gives you the basic recipe for operational success, but somewhere along the way as your business grows you need to hire, train, and motivate employees. Valuable employees are critical to your success.

You can have outstanding vision, mission, and values statements coupled with a well thought out business model, but without employees who can execute, achieving the next level of success would be doubtful. For the next business step you want to hire qualified employees.

You might be able to start out with family members or business partners to help you. But if the business grows, the time will come when you must select and train outside personnel. Careful selection of personnel is essential and critical.

Write employee job descriptions, clearly defining the duties, responsibilities, special requirements, and work conditions for each position you desire to fill. Afterwards, tie these job descriptions with the employee evaluation software.

When your business needs additional staff, use these job descriptions when you interview employment candidates as a basis for appraising each candidate.

In a small business you would need flexible employees who could shift from task to task as required. Include this in the description of the positions you wish to fill. At the same time, plan your hiring to assure you create an organization of individuals capable of performing every essential function.

For example, in a small business, a salesperson may also have to stock shelves and do bookkeeping at the outset, but as the business grows you would need dedicated sales personnel, stock persons, and bookkeepers.

During the interview, put the applicant at ease by describing your business in general and the job in particular. Once you have done this, encourage the applicant to talk.  Ask the appropriate questions required to find out everything about the applicant related to the job, and if possible consider how the personality exhibited merges into the existing team.

Checked references before making a final decision. If possible, make a  personal phone call directly to the applicant's immediate former supervisor. Verify that the information given by the candidate to you is correct. Consider, with judgment, any negative comments you hear and try to read between the lines. Checking references can bring to light significant information which may save you money and future headaches.

TrainingKeeper Software. Keep, organize and plan all your employees' training and activities. Software includes multi-user support with reports, certs, and calendars.

TrainingKeeper Software

Also think through and write down your principal company / business policies, and/or create your employee handbook. Doing so helps you establish order and provides guidelines for your day-to-day business activities.

When you hire employees, be sure they know and understand your business policies, so you and they maintain the same day-to-day expectations.

In addition, make them understand the criteria you use for evaluations from the employee evaluation software.

Post Hiring

Now, assuming that you've hired some solid employees, a well-selected employee is only a potential asset to your business. Whether or not he or she becomes a real asset depends upon the training you provide.

    Some rules of thumb to follow are:

  •     allow sufficient time for training
  •     don't expect too much in too short a time period
  •     let the employee learn by performing under actual working conditions
  •     with close supervision do follow-up training.
  •     Track all provided training

With the employee evaluation software, check on the employee's performance after he or she has been at work for an appropriate amount of time. Re-explain key points and short cuts; bring the employee up to date on any new developments and encourage questions. Document this with the employee evaluation software and TrainingKeeper software.

Once trained, employees still usually require ongoing supervision. Good supervision reduces the cost of operating your business by reducing the number of and the degree of employee errors and/or omissions. When correcting errors and/or omissions early in the job training cycle, employees usually get more satisfaction from their jobs and perform better.

Employee Handbook Kit includes two Employee Handbook templates for Professional & Manufacturing. Includes over 60 policies and benefits templates.

Employee Handbook Policies & Benefits

Employee Evaluation

Eventually, conduct a formal performance evaluation with each employee. As part of the evaluation process, document the performance management goals for each individual. A focused organization understands the value in incorporating goals into the overall performance evaluation / management process.

Conduct the evaluation with our free employee evaluation software. Download the spreadsheet by signing up for our E-zine.

Measurement systems begin at a young age. At school, teachers assign numerical or alphabetical ratings. Our parents, sensitive to how well we did, made strong suggestions for improvement when necessary.

These types of assessments continue in many forms throughout our lives. Too often, we view measurement systems as negatively. An evaluation system, such as employee evaluation software, provides knowledge about a weakness that can be improved through appropriate action. You cannot solve a problem until it has been identified.

In today's marketplace a business cannot afford to be less than the very best for the sake of the company and its customers. The only way to achieve one's corporate vision is to build on one's strengths and address one's shortcomings, in order to excel in the industry and marketplace.


Most employees usually require some kind of motivation, especially within small businesses. In a large company, a good employee can usually see multiple paths to advance, and even an opportunity to advance into management. In a small company, most likely, you occupy the management slot.

Motivation can be instilled in many ways, usually via specific recognition for a job well done. But the bottom-line, the company needs to implement a pay-for-performance to justly reward the personnel responsible for the company's success - the best and most reliable performers.

A business needs to have a process, like the employee evaluation software, that rewards and retains a company's best performers. Exceptional employees are hard to find, expensive to train, and difficult to retain in the competitive arena businesses.

Execution ensure success. To execute, you need good, trained, and motivated employees. Your company needs to diligently follow the above process: evaluate, rank, and compensate in order to retain your valuable employees, and enable the future success of your business.

TrainingKeeper Software. Keep, organize and plan all your employees' training and activities. Software includes multi-user support with reports, certs, and calendars.

TrainingKeeper Software

Success Traits

One can call it work ethic, or one can call it "drive-to-excel", but it all boils down to planning, commitment, teamwork, and solid execution such that perception is reality.

Following are the traits, behaviors, expectations, and operating standards in related work activities, that should be instilled, committed to, and demanded from the entire team, and upon which one should be judged, and upon which one's compensation should be based:

  • Outstanding work ethic AKA "drive-to-excel"
  • Very focused each work day
  • "Can do" attitude
  • Reliable
  • A "go to" person... always gets the job done
  • Professionalism: adheres to expectations and standards
  • Communications: official or pseudo official to individuals, teams, networks, distribution lists, etc., via voice mail, e-mail, memorandums, etc.; ensures every "I" dotted and "T" crossed; proper spelling; proper grammar; proper syntax; proper protocol
  • Business relationships: professional conduct and protocol
  • Individual: contributions and results
  • Team: contributions and results
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