Procrastination at Workplace

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Overcoming procrastination at workplace, discover the 5 minute rule.

As strange as it sounds, just knowing you’re a procrastinator is a step in the right direction. Because admitting it is the first step to building your business around it…

So you can succeed in spite of this flaw.

Notice I said: “in spite of.” In other words: You don’t have to stop being a procrastinator to build a successful business.

Now I’m sure it would certainly help your business if you could suddenly wake up tomorrow and never procrastinate again.

But let’s be realistic here. As a life-long procrastinator myself, I can tell you the odds of that happening are slim to none.

So why not build your business around your procrastination? Why not build your business in a way that you’ll succeed regardless of whether you ever cure your procrastination or not?

I can tell you: It’s certainly possible.

I’ve built three multi-million dollar businesses as a procrastinator. How did I do that? Rather than wasting years trying to get over my procrastination, I designed my businesses so I could procrastinate all I wanted and still grow my businesses.

In other words: I worked around this flaw, not on it. And you can do the same.

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Let Me Give You An Example…

When I built my Business Growth System (“BGS”) coaching program, I knew I was likely to procrastinate. So rather than agonizing on building an online program for months and wasting a lot of time on how I could design this program, I set up live calls with my first 25 coaching clients.

On those calls, I coached my clients live. Then I recorded the calls, got them transcribed, and later transformed these recordings and transcriptions into my BGS program. By giving myself a live audience, I had a positive constraint that ensured I would get this program done.

For you, you could do the same by setting up a series of live webinars that later become the content for your next product, your next book, or other project. By having a live audience at a set time and date, it forces you to show up and work.

Most importantly, it doesn’t allow you to procrastinate.

That’s just one way to overcome procrastination at workplace.

Truth be told: I have a dozen or so strategies like this so my procrastination doesn’t get in my way. Let me give you one more right now…

Overcoming Procrastination at Workplace, the 5 Minute Rule.

This is a self-starter strategy that I’ve used for many years, as a way to out-think my own procrastination.

I realized a long time ago that even when I really need to get something done, it doesn’t help to ask myself, “Do I feel like doing this?” Because no matter what’s going on, the answer is always going to be “no.”

So rather than constantly procrastinating, I made a promise to myself that I would spend five to 10 minutes focusing on whatever that task happens to be.

It may even be something I enjoy, like writing in my journal or getting on the elliptical machine. It doesn’t matter. I still may procrastinate.

So even if I REALLY don’t want to start a project, I spend five to 10 minutes starting it. Then after five or 10 minutes, I ask myself: “Is my head really into this? Am I really on a roll here?” If I am, I keep going on the project.

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If I’m not mentally present, I stop. I call an audible “five minute rule” and I move onto something equally pressing.

I encourage you to try this strategy to tackling procrastination at workplace . If you find yourself procrastinating on a certain task, give yourself 5 to 10 minutes and focus on ONLY that task.

After five minutes, you may find you’re already on a roll. And if not, you can always move onto another project. But at least you won’t waste time NOT doing.

Keep in mind: There are always ways to eliminate procrastination at workplace in spite of your flaws. Rather than spending time trying to cure them – think around them.

P.S. Technically, you can out-think any flaw that may be holding back your business. That includes perfectionism, lack of clarity, being overwhelmed, distractions etc.

To prove this is possible, my team and I sat down a year ago to brainstorm all the high-level strategies we use to out-think our own flaws.

We recorded that brainstorm. It became an 11-video series that shows you how to out-think some of the worst flaws that may be stopping you from the kind of success you want. For more on this video series, check out my video

Article written by Rich Schefren of Strategic Profits

Article edited and posted by Quality Assurance Solutions

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