Writing SMART Goals: The Most Powerful Step to Meet Objectives

Do you know the relationship between achieving success and writing SMART goals?

Because setting and maintaining goals works as a fluid and dynamic process. If you want to stay on-task and actually achieve your business goals then prioritize your actions on a day-to-day basis.

I've found no more powerful process for achieving what I want from my business life than putting my goals on paper.

Don't worry, it doesn't take long, it's not painful, and it truly provides a level of clarity, focus, and action steps to take to finish your tasks and achieve your goals quickly.

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Make Effective Goal Setting a Team Practice

As you learn this valuable practice, implement it within your team. Make writing SMART goals a team task. Train your people the relationship between setting effective goals and priorities. Your team's productivity will skyrocket.

Here are the most valuable tips and tools I've found to prioritize my goals and maintain laser-like focus on achieving them.

Do you feel like your business lacks production? Setting goals, writing them down, and holding yourself accountable generates a surprising level of personal power.

Your actions either take you in the direction of your goals, or they take you away from them. You never stand still.

To write SMART goals. ask yourself the right questions. Of course, these questions follow the SMART formula:

* Specific
* Measurable
* Achievable
* Realistic
* Time-Bound

Can you start with purpose?

Determining your purpose for writing goals in the first place sets the foundation for success.

Resistance at this point means your purpose does not aligned with what you want. Most people won't stick to clarifying their purpose simply because it feels too hard, too strange, too scary. Setting SMART goals means getting honest with yourself. Where you're at. And where you're going.

But what does honesty have to do with setting goals? Clarity comes when you have alignment between who you are and what you do. You determine your action. When you align your work with your values it naturally grants you a sense of doing the work that means most to you.

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Writing your goals provides the simplest path and safest way to dialogue with yourself and quickly reassess what you say.

Write down the most important things to you. What values drive you to get up in the morning?

People who don't apply themselves to writing SMART goals get confused easily. They have no clear answer to their goals. They cant examine a clear guideline and hold themselves accountable for their actions towards achieving their goals.

What Is Holding You Back from Writing Smart Goals?

It takes commitment. Something sorely lacking in today's fast-paced, instant gratification world. They simply don't want the discomfort of taking the time, and the fact that writing their goals down binds them to produce.

It's too binding! When you write down your goals you immediately jump ahead of 99% of the population who can't be bothered with designing their own future.

It's like setting down a course for your mind to follow like a laser-guided missile. Confusion leads to more confusion, clarity breeds clarity.

If you're not achieving the progress in your life and business, take the leap of faith, create your road map to follow to achievement.

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