Project Management Methodology

Project management methodology begins at the initiation phase wherein the client and the project manager lay down the scope, goals and objectives. They then devise a plan that would best cater to the established purposes of the project and the limitations that comes with it such as costs, time and resources.

StreamLiner is Project Management software that drives your team's Lean and Continuous Improvement activities.


The second phase of a project is the in-depth planning. Here the project manager provides a detailed strategy on the execution of the plan. This includes selecting the team, establishing a schedule, estimating and budgeting the costs, distinguishing responsibilities and tasks, and outlying the potential risks and deliverables.

The third phase is the execution of the plan.  This includes monitoring and controlling the plan action items. The project manager monitors the execution of the processes and control any problems that may arise before they becomes a deterrent factor of the project.

The last phase is the closing of the project wherein the project deliverables are surrendered and thus ending the contract.

StreamLiner is Project Management software that drives your team's Lean and Continuous Improvement activities.


Project Management Methodology Tools.

Defining the project management life cycle is relatively easy. However, the actual process can become quite difficult without the use of the proper project management tools that allows you to effortlessly follow the progress of the project. Project management tools such as StreamLiner allow you to make allowances and adjustments when identifying a risk or a problem.

Say for example, a project manager creates a work schedule for his team. The tasks that should be accomplished within a given time frame. Accomplished tasks relate to another. If one task is delayed, this affects the entire project along with the project's budget and resources. If a project manager uses a software project planner with a sophisticated and accessible online database, he can supervise the schedule. Project management software makes it easier to assign tasks to the appropriate people, appropriate the right amount of resources and monitor the progress.

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