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TRIZ Training Kit

A Comprehensive Package to Learn and Train the TRIZ methodology

One uses TRIZ to create inventions and to solve complicated problems. This systematic problem solving method uses 40 inventive principles, 4 seperation principles, 7 problem solving steps, 3 contradictions and 4 improvement inventive principles to systematically solve problems. Worldwide Engineers, Consultants, Teachers and Trainers use TRIZ to solve difficult issues. This package includes training material, two Android applications, multiple PowerPoint presentations, and multiple examples of TRIZ in action.

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TRIZ Training Kit Includes

  • Two Android Applications for all TRIZ users
    • Quality Management Systems examples
    • Sales and Marketing examples
  • Instructions for using the TRIZ application in real-world applications
  • Tetris TRIZ book with complete knowledge on the TRIZ technique. (280 pages)*
  • 5 Tetris TRIZ real-world examples of problems and solutions* (30 pages)
  • 3 PowerPoint presentations (with instruction notes) of TRIZ in action. (50 pages)
  • Over 550 pages of training material

With This Kit You Will

  • Learn the TRIZ system
  • Become an expert in using TRIZ
  • With the Android apps, easily carry the TRIZ cards with you at all times
  • Provide TRIZ methodology and TRIZ examples to others.















*The book (Tetris TRIZ Book) included within this Kit can be freely copied and distributed, under the condition to always include the present copyright notes also in case of partial use of the handbook. Teachers, trainers and any other user or distributor should always quote the authors, the TETRIS project and the Lifelong. Copyright notes are in TRIZ-Book-cover_index_EN.pdf.