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8D Manager


Snap Sampling Plans!

SWOT Manager

Your 8D Manager Software with 8D, 9D, 5Y and 4M report generator. Corrective action tracking and reports.

Your training records software. Meet ISO 9001 training requirements. Keep, organize and plan all your training activities.

Inspection plans at your fingertips. Software includes many standard attribute sampling plans.

SWOT Manager is designed specifically for managing and creating your SWOTs.

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Project management software that drives your lean and continuous improvement activities.




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Quality Assurance Manual

Calibration Manual

Calipers Calibration Procedure

ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audit Checklist

Your easy to edit ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Manual

Includes an easy to edit calibration manual, recommended calibration reports and index cards.

Your calipers calibration procedure, records and templates

Use this Audit Checklist for your gap analysis, internal audits, and implementing ISO 9001:2015

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On-Line Certifications and Training Videos


Statistical Process Control Video

Data Analysis Video

Risk Management Certification

Free Yellow Belt Certification

Learn SPC in an hour. Train your employees. Improve your processes and products. Prevent defects and save your company money.

This course teaches you the basic tools for understanding, summarizing, creating graphs, and making future yield predictions with your data.

Get your Risk Management Certification through our completely on-line course. . Earn 20 PMI PDU approved credits too!

This on-line Yellow Belt Certification introduces you to Six Sigma. Earn 8 PMI PDU. Certificate provided after completion  Completely free.

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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification  
Get Green Belt Certified with this extensive on-line course. Learn the Six Sigma tools and steps. Earn 25 PMI PDU. Receive you Six Sigma Black Belt Certification with this comprehensive on-line course.  Earn 55 PMI PDU. Get certified to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with this complete on-line course.  Earn 55 PMI PDU  
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ISO 9001:2015 QMS Implementation Kit


On Time Delivery Kit

Employee Handbook
Policies & Benefits
Your QMS Kit includes editable Templates, QA Manual, Implementation Guide, and Internal Audit Checklists.

Your comprehensive package for learning and training the TRIZ problem solving methodology

Improve your company's on time delivery with this proven system.

Two Employee Handbooks for Professional & Manufacturing. Includes an additional 22 policies and benefits templates.

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