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Introduction to

Data Analysis


Data Analysis is the key to making business decisions about your process or product. To improve the process or product you have to measure it. Once you have the measurements, you need to quickly interpret the data. 

This data analysis video shows you how to present the data to management and others. Normally, management is not interested in the raw data. Business decisions are based on the summarized data or graphs of the data. 


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Course Description

You will learn about...

  • the types of data
  • basic statistics such as averages and variation
  • creating and interpreting histograms
  • normal distribution
  • process capability
  • predicting yields
  • the relationship between process improvement and data
  • Pareto charts 

In addition, you will learn how to use Microsoft Excel to conduct the data analysis. A final spreadsheet is provided for your review. 

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Within 30 days, if you are not satisfied with this training video, I will refund your money. 

Detailed Data Analysis Video Agenda

  • Types of Data
    • Variable
    • Attribute 
  • Basic Statistics
    • Sorting
    • Range
    • Averages
    • Variation 
  • Histogram
    • Description
    • Creating
    • Normal Distribution
    • Standard Deviation
    • Three Sigma
    • Bell Shape Curve
    • Other types of Distributions 
  • Interpreting Histograms
    • Normal
    • Bi-Model
    • Non Normal
    • Comparing to specifications 
  • Microsoft Excel demonstration
    • Statistics
    • Creating Histograms 
  • Process Improvement
    • Centering
    • Reducing Variation 
  • Process Capability
    • CpK Calculation
    • Predicting future yields with CpK 
  • Sampling and calculation guidelines
    • MS Excel Demonstration 
  • Pareto
    • Pareto Principle
    • Creating a pareto charts 
  • Types of pareto charts 

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