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QAS Business Slide Deck

Kick Start Your Business Presentations

Avoid Wasteful Time Researching and Building Your Presentations

Rapidly Train Others in Many Business Disciplines

  • Do you need to make a presentation centered on business ideas?
  • Are you instructing others in continuous improvement, teamwork, communication, management systems, lean manufacturing, Quality Assurance, ISO management, security, marketing, leadership, or statistics?
  • Do you want to unveil a professional PowerPoint that impresses your employees, peers and the management team?
  • Do you require PowerPoint slides with reference support material?
  • Do you crave supplemental business slides to support your PowerPoints?
  • Are you a consultant who desires a business slide deck to provide training to others?

This professional business slide deck saves you a significant amount of time. If you conceived these slides yourself, you could easily spend two to three months to turn out the slides. See below for examples of some of the slides. The QAS Business Slide Deck contains over 450 PowerPoint slides. However, with the included bonuses (see below), you collect over 800 slides. You can edit each slide to your demands. To support the slide's content, each one bears a reference link.

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Managers, engineers, leads, supervisors, consultants must educate others to improve their organizations. The QAS Business Slide Deck delivers a large number of topics and supporting information to you. You can promptly search your topics, isolate the pertinent slides, and then create your own training presentations. You can edit every slide to your requirements.

To see examples of the slides, scroll to the bottom of this page. You can also view more through Quality Assurance Solutions' website. Almost every page of content contains one of the deck's slide at the beginning of the web page.  Start at our blog for multiple examples. Click on the blog links to open the supporting articles. To expand the slide, click on the top image. We include these slides into this QAS Business Slide Deck. 


Most presenters not only struggle with creating the slides but also struggle with gathering the supporting information for the slide. With the QAS Business Slide Deck, each slide contains a reference link. The supporting reference offers plenty of additional support  information. This deck not only allows you to visually and verbally present the topics, but also provide deeper insight with each slide.

Slide Quantities

QAS Business Slide Deck

  • Contains 450+ Slides

Bonus Decks

  • Contains 350+ Slides


  • Contains 800+ Slides


All slides are fully editable. Edit them to your desire. You can take slides from the decks and add them to your decks. You can break down the decks into smaller decks. You can combine the decks into new decks.  To keep your viewers interested, the deck contains a wide variety of formats and images. For copyright and licensing, you must keep the included reference links on the slides.  You may present the slides to others. To digitally share the slide files with others, share only as a PDF. You can create PDFs from within PowerPoint. 

Team and Leadership Slides

Topics include...

  •  Negative People
  •  Teamwork Barriers
  •  Becoming a Better Leader
  •  Employee Discipline
  •  Business Ethics
  •  Business Management Planning
  •  Meeting Guidelines
  •  Change Strategy
  •  Virtual Teams
  •  Employee Certification
  •  Employee Evaluation
  •  Energy Vampires
  •  Fearing Teamwork
  •  Goal Setting
  •  Great Leaders
  •  Improving Morale
  •  Improving Team Performance
  •  Management Cost & Benefit
  •  Measuring Teamwork
  •  Laws of Power
  •  Management Discipline
  •  Personal Vision
  •  Reasons Teams Fail
  •  Scrum Principles and Benefits
  •  Smart Goals
  •  Stockdale Paradox
  •  Team Characteristics
  •  Teamwork Tips
  •  Time Management Techniques
  •  and many more

Contains 80+ Slides

Continuous Improvement Slides

Topics include...

  • Activity Network Diagram 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Brainstorming Techniques 
  • Check Points 
  • Continuous Improvement Processes 
  • FMEA 
  • Pareto Chart 
  • Run Chart 
  • Visual Inspection Guide 
  •  DRIVE
  •  PDCA
  •  Fishbone
  •  Flowcharting
  •  Creating Policy
  •  Kaizen
  •  Mistake Proofing
  •  Priority Matrix
  •  Process Objectives
  •  Scatter Diagram
  •  Affinity Diagram
  •  SWOT
  •  Matrix Diagram
  •  Interrelationship Diagram
  •  and many others.

Contains 50+ Slides

ISO Management Systems Business Slides

Topics include...

  •  Audit Observations
  •  Audit Categories
  •  Knowledge Management
  •  Certification Benefits
  •  Common Audit Questions
  •  Mission Statement
  •  QMS Process Map
  •  Managing Risks
  •  ISO 9001 Documentation
  •  ISO 14001
  •  ISO Implementation Tips
  •  History
  •  Certification Costs
  •  Modular Approaches
  •  Audit Preparation
  •  QA Manual Contents
  •  Quality Objectives
  •  Management Review
  • Procedures
  • Training Record
  • and many others.

 Contains 40+ Slides

Quality Management Slides

Topics include...

  •  Learning Organization
  •  QA Project Plan
  •  Dr. Demings 14 points
  •  Constancy of Purpose
  •  New Philosophy
  •  Cease Mass Inspection
  •  Constant Improvement
  •  Training and Retraining
  •  Institute Leadership
  •  Drive Out Fear
  •  Break Down Barriers between Areas
  •  Eliminate Slogans
  •  Eliminate Quotas
  •  Pride of Workmanship
  •  EFQM
  •  Staff Suggestion System
  •  MBNQA
  •  TQM Principles
  •  Project Management Stages
  •  Quality Assurance Circle
  •  SIPOC
  •  TQM History
  •  TQM and Management's Role
  •  and many more

Contains 40+ Slides

Lean Manufacturing Slides

Topics include...

  •  5S
  •  Office 5S
  •  7 Wastes
  •  BCS
  •  Level Mix Production
  •  Value Stream Mapping
  •  Calculating OEE
  •  CCC
  •  5S Benefits
  •  Kanban
  •  SMED Event
  •  Total Productive Maintenance
  •  One Piece Flow
  •  Quick Changeover
  •  Process Analysis
  •  Lean Implementation
  •  Streamlining
  •  Takt Time
  •  Theory of Constraints
  •  Traditional vs. Lean
  •  and many others.

 Contains 30+ Slides

Statistics Slides

Topics include...

  •  7 Basic Statistics and Excel
  •  Basic Data Analysis
  •  Six Sigma and Defects
  •  Common vs. Special Cause
  •  Attribute MSA
  •  Control Limits vs. Specification Limits
  •  CpK
  •  Histogram
  •  Regression
  •  Data Validity
  •  AQL
  •  Six Sigma Tollgates
  •  Capable vs. Non-Capable
  •  Making a SPC Chart
  •  Variable MSA
  •  Normal Distribution
  •  Sampling Terms
  •  Six Sigma Overview
  • Types of Attribute Inspection
  • What is SPC
  • and many more.

Contains 30+ Slides   

Communication Slides

Topics include...

  • Active Listening 
  • Pitfalls 
  • Costs of Communication 
  • Delivering Powerful Messages 
  • KAVA 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Reframing  
  • and others 


Contains 15 Slides 

Corrective Action Slides

Topics include...

  •  5Y
  •  8D
  •  CAPA
  •  Containing Defects
  •  Corrective Action Selection Method
  •  Dealing with Customer Complaints
  •  Dealing with Problem Suppliers
  •  Handling Undocumented Requirements
  •  Response to Customer Complaints
  • ISO 9001 and Corrective Action
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • and others.

Contains 15+ Slides

Quality Control and History Slides

Topics include...

  •  Cost of Quality
  •  Basic QA Components
  •  Calibration Master List
  •  Capturing Defect Costs
  •  Control Plan
  •  Extending Calibration
  •  Traceability
  •  Kaoru Ishikawa
  •  Joseph Juran
  •  Degrading Products
  •  QA vs. QC
  •  Inspection
  •  Walter Shewhart
  •  What is QA
  •  and many others

Contains 20+ Slides   

Marketing Slides

Topics include...

  •  Power Words
  •  Conversational Writing
  •  Corporate Business Marketing
  •  Candid Sales Headlines
  •  Elevator Speech
  •  Customer Awareness Chart
  •  Direct Mail Elements
  •  Advertising Writing
  •  Action Verbs
  •  Emotional Selling
  •  Generating New Leads
  •  Holiday Marketing
  •  Improving Email Response Rates
  •  Improving Conversions
  •  Internet Marketing Strategies
  •  Joint Ventures
  •  Genuine Interest
  •  Customer Lifetime Value
  •  Customer Inquiry
  •  New Customer Satisfaction
  •  Newsletters
  •  Order Form Tips
  •  Public Relations
  •  Public Speaking
  • Responding to Negative Comments
  • Sales Page Contents and Elements
  • Press Release
  • Testimonials
  • and many others.


Contains 60+ Slides 

Security Slides

Topics include...

  •  3-2-1 Backup
  •  Building Security
  •  Email Policy
  •  Internet Usage
  •  Computer Protection
  •  Network Security
  •  Cybersecurity
  •  Data Protection
  •  Disaster Recovery
  •  Viruses
  •  Information Management System
  •  In-Strike Procedure
  •  Phishing
  •  and many more.


Contains 20+ Slides   

TRIZ Slides

Topics include...

  •  TRIZ Benefits
  •  40 Inventive Principles
  •  Separation Principles
  •  TRIZ Problem Solving Process
  •  TRIZ and Six Sigma
  •  TRIZ Overview
  •  Training TRIZ
  •  and more.


Contains 10+ Slides

ANOVA Class (Bonus Business Slide Deck #1)

ANOVA lets you apply statistics to compare 2 or more groups of data to see if they are significantly different from the other. For example, with this knowledge, you can compare machines to each other, operators to each other, settings to each other, etc. The ANOVA PowerPoint provides step by step instructions to conducting the math and statistical judgments. The course further expands into two-factor ANOVA. This lets you compare Operators and Machines at the same time which lowers the number of experimental runs. The presentation also covers two-factor interactions, which identifies the possibility that Machine and Operators are different from another Machine and Operator combination.

You can find this presentation only in the QAS Business Slide Deck. It is not available in any other products or within Quality Assurance Solutions' website. Like all the other slides, this deck is fully editable.

Contains 50+ Slides    

Data Analysis Class (Bonus Business Slide Deck #2)

The Data Analysis presentation takes you from basic statistics through using CpK to make a judgment about your data set. It covers both variable and attribute data. This is a step by step class and focuses on continuous improvement. This presentation (in pdf format) can be found with our Introduction into Data Analysis Video. However, here we provide it in PowerPoint format, which lets you edit it as necessary.

Contains 40+ Slides

ISO 9001:2015 Awareness (Bonus Business Slide Deck #3)

Per ISO 9001 requirements, senior management must communicate the parameters of the Quality Management System to all employees. This ISO 9001:2015 Awareness Training Presentation lets your team easily meet these requirements. To become certified, all employees within your organization need to be aware of the basic requirements of the standard. Because of resource constraints, you may not have the time to create the presentation (which takes the most time when teaching the material). You can purchase this course separately. Learn more at the link. The slides are the same.

Contains 70+ Slides

Statistical Process Control (Bonus Business Slide Deck #4)

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a scientific visual method used to monitor, control and improve processes by eliminating special cause variation from manufacturing, service and financial processes. It is a key Six Sigma tool.

SPC directs the process champion when to take action to adjust or investigate the process. SPC also prevents inappropriate or unnecessary process adjustments. SPC tells you when there is special cause variation or when the process is drifting. SPC can be used to catch machine wear, operator setup issues, raw material changes, and differences between similar machines. Overall, one uses SPC to prevent defects from occurring and to drive process improvement.

This presentation (in pdf format) can be found with our Process Improvement with Statistical Process Control. However, here we provide it in PowerPoint format, which lets you edit it as necessary.

Contains 50+ Slides

Setting up a Training System (Bonus Business Slide Deck #5)

This set of slides provides a set of instructions to easily setup a simple Training System that meets ISO 9001 guidelines. You can review a video using these slides. We reformatted the slides to fit with the other slides in these decks. 

Contains 15+ Slides

TRIZ and ISO 9001 (Bonus Business Slide Deck #6)

TRIZ is an innovated method of solving problems. Worldwide Engineers, Consultants, Teachers and Trainers use TRIZ to solve difficult issues. With this Business Slide Deck, you can show how TRIZ works with ISO 9001. It takes the 40 key principles and applies it to ISO 9001 requirements. Like the other decks, this is fully editable.

We offer a non-editable pdf version of this for free. You can download it by signing up for QAS E-zine. We include this editable presentation in our TRIZ Kit too.

Contains 120+ Slides

Licensing and Approved Use

  • Each copy of this presentation can be used by the customer. Multiple copies may reside on the customer’s computer(s).

  • The customer is the email address on the order. If this is a company's purchase for another employee, please let us know the customer email's address right away. This ensures the customer receives the latest updates too. 

  • The presentation may be customized to satisfy the customer’s application. The customer can blend the slides with other personal slides. For any use, the customer cannot remove the reference links with the URLs.

  • The slides cannot be used on the Internet, in any form, without permission from Quality Assurance Solutions

  • The presentation, or portions or modifications thereof, may not be re-sold or re-distributed to others (except as outlined below) without our prior written consent.

  • The slides can be distributed to others in only a pdf format. The pdf must contain the reference links with the URLs. You can create pdf(s) from within PowerPoint.

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