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Testimonials for a Website

How to write testimonials for a website. Help your customers write a glowing and powerful testimonial for your product.

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KAVA Meaning

Discover the KAVA meaning to improve your speaches and written communication. Which KAVA type do you fit into?

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Publicity for Business

Publicity for business, explore how to get media publicity.

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Increase Your Sales with Interesting True Stories

Use interesting true stories inside your sales letter to increase your market and sales.

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Sales letter format The more you tell the more you sell.

The more you tell the more you sell, important lessons to know for your sales letter format.

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Sales Planning Strategy

Important steps to include in your sales planning strategy.

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Persuasive Sales Letter

Discover the most important things for creating a persuasive sales letter.

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Writing Powerful Headlines

Writing powerful headlines with attention getting words. We teach you the easy process. Plus we include mutliple examples

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Create Your Own Networking Elevator Speech

Create your own networking elevator speech. Learn how to create business elevator speeches and see our examples.

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How To Write A Sales Letter

How to write a sales letter. Discover 20 techniques to get your sales letter read and responded to

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Advanced Direct Mail

Discover advanced direct mail tips that get results.

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Headline Helpers

Our headline helpers let you create compelling headlines to gain massive sales increases. Your headline will make or break your results

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Product Order Form Template

10 Rules to creating your magnetic, irresistible product order form template.

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Sales Letters Examples

Create a swipe file full of sales letters examples that help you improve your copywriting and marketing skill set.

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Writing Subheads

Tricks to writing subheads. How to deliver your message with a subhead.

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Advertising Audit

Conduct an advertising audit to prevent misleading advertising. Learn the questions to ask and download our free audit checksheet.

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Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Marketing strategies for small business, discover how to get sales from larger busineses.

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Leadership Strategies for Change

Leadership strategies for change, start by asking why. The word why drives change. We explain why!

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Give Away Promotion

Readers ask why we offer a give away promotion? Here we explain it and how it relates to marketing.

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Best Investment During Recession

The best investment during recession is betting on your company. Do not stop marketing and improving.

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QR Code Definition

Explore the QR code definition, Learn how to use QR codes and how to drive your business with QR codes.

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Power Words for Emotional Selling

Review these power words for emotional selling. Plus, grasp how power words affect your every day life.

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Learn Ebook Authorship

4 Easy Steps to Ebook Authorship, what to include and how to write your Ebook

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Free Time Management Tips

Free time management tips. Explore 10 key elements which focuses on organizing, planning, and eliminating time wasting activities.

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Long Copy Sales Letters

Are long copy sales letters dead in the copywrite business? You need to write for two different audiences, we reveal how to accomplish this.

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Round Table Conferences

In this day of remote communication, should you attend round table conferences and industry meetings to improve your business knowledge?

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Sales Page Template

Eight critical elements to include on your sales page template. Importantly, we reveal the acronym ADIA which guides your sales letter writing.

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New Customers Satisfaction

New customers satisfaction drives repeat business. See this example of how one company delivers satisfaction.

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Giving Thanks Activities

Giving thanks activities, different approaches for different folks.

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Responsive Customer List

How to create a responsive customer list and breath life into your existing list.

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