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Disposal of documented information & GDPR

Hi I wonder if anyone could help provide an answer to the following questions: under section b) is adequately protected (e.g. from loss of confidentiality,

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Terms and Conditions

Quality Assurance Solutions Terms and Conditions

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ISO 14001 Audit Preparation Steps

Preparing for your ISO 14001 audit includes conducting a pre-audit, reviewing ISO 19011, Management Review, selecting auditors, and many more steps. Review this article for the proper ISO 14001 steps.

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Internal Audit

Greetings Everyone, I'd like to raise a question. I've been appointed recently in a firm as a quality coordinator responsible for the ISO 9001:2015,I

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Tolerances and Inspection

I am the inspector in a 100+ year old tape & square fab shop. I was flagged by the ISO auditor on my inspection form. We were checking a plasma cut

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Free Business Training Game

Free business training game that you can implement as part of your training program. These games focus on team processes, communication, and root causes.

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ISO 14001 Requirements

ISO 14001 requirements, mandatory and non-mandatory procedures, documents, top management, competency and training requirements

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Small Business Management Consulting

Learn about a special tool, StreamLiner, for small business management consulting. See how consultants use it to deliver high value to their customers.

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ISO 14001 Certification

Choosing your ISO 14001 certification auditor and certification body. Plus learn about audit costs factors and 4 methods to reduce the costs.

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We have also found that by eliminating Man, you would find a solution that will error proof your system or process and Man will never be able to mess it

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Training Report Template

Prior to creating your training report template, you need to identify your criteria for the report. Here we provide multiple examples of Training Reports for your consideration.

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Some Customers insist on it, & I find it adds little in direction of what to go into detail on, as you stated.

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Free Scrum Signup

Sign up for our Free Scrum Fundamentals Course. Includes 10 PMI units and a certificate.

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IT Audit Tool and Guide

Review this IT audit tool and guide. We cover scope, physical, access control, data and applications security issues. Learn what to look for and questions to ask during the audit. We also cover what to do prior and during an IT audit.

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Information Security Notes and Policy

This article on information security notes and policy covers many key items your business needs to consider when setting up an information security system.

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Vision Statement Examples

Here we provide multiple vision statement examples. This article discusses how to create vision statement and it compares Mission vs Vision statements. Plus, you can freely download a spreadsheet which lets you create your own.

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Creating Company Mission Statements

Learn to create company mission statements. Article covers benefits of well written mission statements, it defines mission statement; it covers development, questions to consider, and includes multiple samples of company mission statements.

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Business Ethics Examples

Here we define business ethics and provide business ethics examples. How does you company handle business ethics?

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Sample Business Model

Review this sample business model for a small to medium size business. It covers vision, mission, values, objectives, and strategies.

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Information Security Awareness Training

Discover the components to include when you conduct information security awareness training.

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Training Attendance Sheet

Quickly use TrainingKeeper Software to create a training attendance sheet. Create signature sheets too. Also create reports that show multiple class dates with students. Plus, print calendars that show the previous courses with your students.

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Business Model Sample

Are you looking for a business model sample? Here is an example of one created for a security business. It covers all the key components you need to create a business model.

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Business Model Template

Review a business model template. In addition to the template, you will learn how to create one. We cover important steps and questions to answer when formulating your own business model letter.

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Prevent Attacks on Computer Security

Take these actions to prevent attacks on computer security. Article covers laptop issues, encryption, offsite storage, managing a clean desk, computer disposal, and dumpster divers.

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Small Business Internet Security

This article discusses concernts that you may not think about when it comes to small business internet security. Learn about voicemail, toll fraud, fax machine, and cell phone security issues.

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Strike Preparation Guidelines

Company Strike Preparation guidelines minimize company risks and downtime during a company strike.

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Computer Protection Security Guidelines

This article provides guidelines for creating a computer protection security policy at your workplace. It covers general principles, passwords, copyrights, licensing, protection, prevention, and security

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Business Meeting Agenda Format

Review how to drive business meetings with this business meeting agenda format. Article includes guidelines, aim, ground rules, agenda, and feedback. In addition, you can download a free meeting notes template

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Corporate Internet Policy

This corporate internet policy covers criteria, personal use, violations, best practices and more. Download it for free and use it for your business!

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Information Security Management System

This article covers the basics, awareness, and key content for your company's information security management system

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