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Selecting an AQL for Critical, Major, and Minor

I want to know if exist any procedure to establish AQL value during a Sampling Plan execution or if is a good strategy define approximately 0 AQL value

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Risk Assessment Done. Now What?

Risk analysis has become a vital exercise for a lot of international standards. A large majority of certified companies are required to have a risk assessment

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Benchmarking Rules

5S chart was very useful, similarly could you share some rules of benchmarking? QAS Home > Forum > Benchmarking Rules

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Whistle Blower Blowback in Africa

Briefly sharing my personal story about leadership in Quality. I worked 5 years as a laboratory coordinator at a gold mine. The laboratory personnel,

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What are the Changes to ISO 9001 since the 1994 Version?

I retired from the Navy in 1995 and entered the manufacturing sector under the ISO 9001:1994 quality system standard. I left that sector soon after, and

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Scrum Framework

This article describes Scrum Framework. It addresses Scrum Principles and the 5 important Scrum aspects

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What is Quality Assurance

What is Quality Assurance? Article discusses history, Dr Deming, statistics, tools, processes, meaning of control and more.

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ISO9001:2015 and the Three Tier documentation approach

With my last employer, I've developed and maintained the Quality Management System through the 1994, 2000, and 2008 versions of the ISO9001 standard using

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Internal Costs

I have seen a feature article in Quality Progress where an organization took credit for a multitude of cost and other savings. But at the expense of other

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Reducing Quality Costs

Our solution (for many years now) is to let money speak. We are in a B2B2C market of partially man made, produced to order products with a high rate of

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how to calculate quality cost

how to calculate quality cost. what are the factors to consider if your company is a service company that is heavy on manpower and client servicing. QAS

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Quality Costs versus Quality Gains (Revenues)

Why shouldn't we use quality Gains or(Quality Added Revenues) instead of such a confusing Quality Cost? In my opinion, any Quality project should be

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The expenses incurred for training?

a)appraisal cost b)internal failure cost c)prevention cos d)Loss of opportunities QAS Home > Cost Of Quality > Expenses Incurred for Training

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There are Four Specific Types of Quality Costs

The four particular sorts of quality expenses are Prevention costs Appraisal costs Failure costs Internal failure costs External failure costs Intangible

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Standard Category for Hidden Quality Cost and Corresponding Measurement System?

Hidden quality cost has been researched by many researchers in recent years. There is little standard classification for invisible quality loss cost due

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How to Treat the Operating Cost of Customer Service center in the perspective of cost of quality?

IT company has the organization and infra for customer service. We call that customer service center. (Ex. Call center) To operate the service center,

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Trapping Quality Costs

How does a company trap the quality cost category that the accounting system of the company don't have access to? QAS Home > Cost Of Quality >

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Software Quality Improvements

After reading stacey matrix theory to help organizations from falling at chaos areas. His complexity science to keep these society alive. I noticed that

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Affecting the Behavior Outcomes of Employees through Harassment Training

In her article “The Impact of Training and Conflict Avoidance on Response to Sexual Harassment,” Caren B. Goldberg conducts a study to examine and analyze

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Layout to Reduce Forklift Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that there are 34 900 serious injuries, including 85 fatal accidents per year in the

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Improve every process

Improve every process Improve constantly and forever every process for planning, production, and service. Search continually for problems in order to

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Toughest And Most Crucial Form Of Testing

Regression Testing takes lot hell of time out of overall time provided for testing of a product in any software project. Though it takes longest duration

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Shining is to make problems obvious!

With clutter gone and the storage area organized, the next step is to properly and thoroughly clean and paint equipment and work areas. This step is critical

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Slowly-slowly win the race

All are talking about continuous Improvement ,quality improvement but any moment you find where the problem, why it is coming at which stage we committed

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Higher Education Expert

This is a very important topic. Top management really always the body that hinders quality. Managers are usually cost-consious. As we are here in higher

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Business Improvement & efficiency Manager

From my experience, usually bosses don't want to go through a long analytical report to see the core problem and to see what kind of action had been taken

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How to document the QMS for the new ISO 9001:2015 Standards?.

Hi Everyone! My name is Anthony. I would like to find out if anyone of you has documented the Quality Management System based on the new ISO 9001:2015

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Why a quality manual?

Greetings Everyone, I would like to raise a general question, maybe it has been raised already but I thing is interesting topic and would like to get some

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Lean Principles

I’d like to know is there standard for lean principles, techniques and tools? In some sites read about standard SAE J4000, 4001, but I don’t know how

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The CEO isn't interested in learning GEse

The same goes for GEse (or Six Sigma dialogue). Engineering, IT, Quality Departments are filled with people who have to get the job done. We need tools

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