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Biggest Cybersecurity Threats

7 biggest cybersecurity threats that affect your business.

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ISO 2859 vs 3951

Hoping to get information from an ISO expert here. I am trying to find out in lay mans terms what the difference is between ISO 2859 vs 3951

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8D Manager, Corrective Action Software for Instant Download.

Download 8D Manager Today. Only $89. Prevent corrective action mistakes that may harm your relationship with your customer. Use 8D Manager for your corrective action software. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Test Cases for Famous Application like Calculator, Paint, MS Work, Notepad++...

I'm looking for test cases for famous/open source applications to be used as a testing dataset for test coverage research purposes.

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Man the main cause

In the Fish Bone diagram almost all the causes are related to Man. Man made the machine, he operates it , he maintains it. Man produce the Method. Man

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Calibration Interval

I have a pressure gauge initially calibrated on 20.05.2019, next calibration should be 6 months with +/-15 days i.e 20.11.2019 +/-30days. So I calibrate

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MSA Procedure

Greeting Everyone ! Do you help step by step to carry out MSA for a measurement? For instance, before running Bias, Linearity,... before conducting Gage

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Record Management (paper-based document system)

Greetings Everyone, For instance; when the form template document number and revision is changed; how do we create the records with content revision history

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Question on Quality Target for new process

BACKGROUND Onshore wants to set a QA score above 90% because of the direct financial impact. Recommendation from transition is 96% but we don't have a

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Disposal of documented information & GDPR

Hi I wonder if anyone could help provide an answer to the following questions: under section b) is adequately protected (e.g. from loss of confidentiality,

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Internal Audit

Greetings Everyone, I'd like to raise a question. I've been appointed recently in a firm as a quality coordinator responsible for the ISO 9001:2015,I

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Revision History Table

Do we need a revision history table in SOPs? Is there any requirement for that in ISO? QAS Home>Forum>Revision History Table

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Selecting an AQL for Critical, Major, and Minor

I want to know if exist any procedure to establish AQL value during a Sampling Plan execution or if is a good strategy define approximately 0 AQL value

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Risk Assessment Done. Now What?

Risk analysis has become a vital exercise for a lot of international standards. A large majority of certified companies are required to have a risk assessment

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Whistle Blower Blowback in Africa

Briefly sharing my personal story about leadership in Quality. I worked 5 years as a laboratory coordinator at a gold mine. The laboratory personnel,

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Benchmarking Rules

5S chart was very useful, similarly could you share some rules of benchmarking? QAS Home>Forum>Benchmarking Rules

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What are the Changes to ISO 9001 since the 1994 Version?

I retired from the Navy in 1995 and entered the manufacturing sector under the ISO 9001:1994 quality system standard. I left that sector soon after, and

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ISO9001:2015 and the Three Tier documentation approach

With my last employer, I've developed and maintained the Quality Management System through the 1994, 2000, and 2008 versions of the ISO9001 standard using

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Choosing an AQL

What I would like to know is why (AND in which occasions) some companies will choose to make the inspection based on only one AQL (1.5% for example) instead

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Current And Strategic Cost Benefit Presentation

Any improvement plan or idea lies into 4 categories: 1. Low cost, Low benefit which is waste for top management. 2. High cost, low benefit which is bullshit

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We need leaders...not bosses..!

This is an all-pervading phenomenon these days in the corporate culture. The reasons can be many. But the root cause is our managers nowadays are more

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Quality management belongs to which type of business management?

first of all thank you about this topics you touch my mind with this thoughts. You give me another meaning about quality management but i want to ask

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The Language of Management is Money

Joseph Juran said that the basic language of upper management is money. (Juran's Quality Control Handbook 4th edition (1988), page 4.4.) Juran also discussed

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Management is only interested to its interest

It look nice, but I have one concern here, I have been working in quality and food safety both in food manufacturing and service setups what I have seen

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Presenting ideas right is key to their adoption

This is an important topic. Presenting ideas right is key to their adoption. I would suggest that Step 5 be moved before Step 4 and changed to Know your

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The CEO isn't interested in learning GEse

The same goes for GEse (or Six Sigma dialogue). Engineering, IT, Quality Departments are filled with people who have to get the job done. We need tools

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Business Improvement & efficiency Manager

From my experience, usually bosses don't want to go through a long analytical report to see the core problem and to see what kind of action had been taken

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Shining is to make problems obvious!

With clutter gone and the storage area organized, the next step is to properly and thoroughly clean and paint equipment and work areas. This step is critical

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Toughest And Most Crucial Form of Testing

Regression Testing takes lot hell of time out of overall time provided for testing of a product in any software project. Though it takes longest duration

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Improve every process

Improve every process Improve constantly and forever every process for planning, production, and service. Search continually for problems in order to

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