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How much does ISO 45001 certification cost?

Costs associated with implementing an ISO 45001 management system, purchasing standards, attending classes, and hiring consultants and auditors must be

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Swimlane diagram

Described very well in The Basics of Process Mapping - 2nd Ed. - by Robert Damelio - CRC Press. 2011.

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What is Continuous Improvement?

We answer the question, "What is continuous improvement". Quality Assurance Solutions provides the continuous improvement tools.

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Tree Diagram

Review our tree diagram desciption, use, construction, and an example.

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FMEA helps identify Risks within your organizaion. Based on the FMEA data you can create a plan to prevent possible issues.

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Brainstorming Method

Learn the brainstorming process steps, guidelines and multivoting

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Rapport Leadership Training

Rapport leadership training involves remembering people, utilizing active listening, actively engaging, and follow-up with important contacts.

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Describes the Definition of TQM

Do you need the definition of TQM or Total Quality Management? TQM, ISO 9001 and Quality Assurance are all linked together. See here for TQM elements

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EFQM Business Excellence Model

The European Foundation for Quality Management ( EFQM ®) is a membership based not for profit organization, created by fourteen leading European businesses

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Dr Deming Point 7, Institute Leadership

Learn Dr Deming Point 7 - Institute Leadership. Article discusses important leadership attributes.

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QA Project Plan

A QA Project Plan describes the necessary QA procedures, quality control(QC) activities, and other technical activities that will be implemented for a specific project or program.This article covers all the important elements to create the plan.

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Teamwork Tips

Teamwork tips to help you toward a more successful team and business.

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Learn the Stockdale Paradox

The Stockdale Paradox an idea developed by Jim Collins in his book Good To Great. Realists live and optimists die, in life and business.

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Scrum Framework

This article describes Scrum Framework. It addresses Scrum Principles and the 5 important Scrum aspects

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Improvement Process Team Drives Quality Improvement.

Improvement process team is a basic tool for process improvement. Process improvement teams are important tool of quality assurance and ISO 9001 systems.

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Develop Healthy Team Communication

Healthy team communication pays you back many times over, good communication builds partnerships within your organization

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Data and Information

Data and Information, are often used interchangeably, they don’t mean the same thing

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Business Model Template

Review a business model template. In addition to the template, you will learn how to create one. We cover important steps and questions to answer when formulating your own business model letter.

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Business Management Planning

The basics of business management planning includes understanding your vision, mission, values, and business model. Then you need to manage the business. This article discusses these and more.

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A Culture of Employee Discipline

Most teams lack employee discipline because they lack a program that works for their objectives.

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What is Data Analysis? A Tool for Continuous Improvement

What is data analysis? Understanding data is key to continuous improvement, your quality assurance systems and ISO 9001 certification.

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Corporate Internet Policy

This corporate internet policy covers criteria, personal use, violations, best practices and more. Download it for free and use it for your business!

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Product Information Traceability System

Describes the important items to cover in your Product Information Traceability System. Traceability is critical to ISO 9001 certification.

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Quality Assurance Program Plan, Basic Systems, Implement ISO 9001

Discusses the initial stages of a Quality Assurance Program Plan. These systems drive the beginning stages of ISO 9001 implementation.

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Emotional Selling Techniques

Science has proven we buy based on emotion and apply logic after the purchase. So, as businesses we need to create offers with emotional selling techniques

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Level Mix Model Production

Level Mix Model Production means scheduling daily production in a sequence that evens out the peaks and valleys of produced quantities. Learn more!

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ISO 9001 2015 procedures

ISO 9001 2015 procedures that you need to implement for ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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ISO 14001 Audit Preparation Steps

Preparing for your ISO 14001 audit includes conducting a pre-audit, reviewing ISO 19011, Management Review, selecting auditors, and many more steps. Review this article for the proper ISO 14001 steps.

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IT Audit Program

This article provides the key elements to include in an IT audit program. It considers current situation assesment, high level needs, organizational needs, PC user issues, manager responsibility, contigency, crisis, risk and a host of other issues.

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Quality Audit Checklist is Necessary for QA Audits

The quality audit checklist is a key element of the quality audit. Quality audits are necessary for ISO 9001, the QA program and continuous improvement.

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