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Are you finding if difficult to...  

  • Organize training?
  • Ensure training?
  • Maintain training?
  • Track training history?
  • Find training records? 
  • Know who has received training and who has not?
  • Meet the training requirements of ISO 9001?
  • Schedule and plan long term training for employees?
  • Setting up a training program that easily provides visibility for the teacher and student?
  • Create employee and instructor certifications?
  • Follow up on expired training?
  • Track training expenses?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions then Quality Assurance Solutions is proud to offer you TrainingKeeper. TrainingKeeper addresses all above issues and more. 

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TrainingKeeper lets you... 

  • In one location, track all your company's training records
  • Find all your training history by student, class, teacher, dates, manager and department
  • Easily enter your training data with drop down lists
  • Create professional reports by student(s), class(es) or teacher(s)
  • Track students training time and amount of courses.
  • Quickly sort and filter your training records by date, teacher, class, record number, training material, authors, approvals, names, department, and position.
  • Track training expenses and easily create reports with this information.
  • Use Microsoft Excel with your training data, classes and employees.
  • Create employee training certificates and instructor certifications on the fly.

TrainingKeeper lets you schedule employees for classes and create training plans...

  • Create an unlimited amount of training plans
  • Schedule one or a group of your employees to a training plan just by selecting their name. The software automatically creates the schedule of classes per that training plan.
  • Quickly set expiration dates for any class.
  • Print professional class schedules. This assures you don't miss any students when giving a class.
  • Print student training plans. This lets the student know the classes they need to take by a given due date. This is great for new hires.
  • Automatically matches and assigns training records to previous open schedule classes 

More Features... 

  • Track key class details such as training material, procedures, supporting material, revision, and class authors. Track what you need, change the labels to meet your company needs. In addition you can link the class to any document so you don't need to search for the supporting material.
  • Track employees information such as addresses, phone numbers, email address, department, position, employee number, and their resume.
  • Track hard copy training records by placing TrainingKeeper record number on the record. File these by the record number and then you can quickly find these.
  • Helps you meet ISO 9001 training requirements, see below.  
  • Easy to grow your user base. The software is network compatible. You can place the main file on your network and other users who have a license can work with the same data at the same time as other users.

In addition the software includes a manual, a procedure for ISO 9001, and a template for training records. 

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. 

Within 30 days, if you are not satisfied with TrainingKeeper, I will refund your money. 

TrainingKeeper is only $59.00 

TrainingKeeper and ISO 9001

TrainingKeeper helps you meet ISO 9001. Below is the pertinent clauses from ISO 9001 that focuses on training.

6.2.2 Competence, awareness and training

The organization shall

a) determine the necessary competence for personnel performing work affecting product quality.

With TrainingKeeper you can create training plans. A training plan is a group of related classes with scheduled due dates. You may want to create a training plan to the employee's department and/or position. Assign your personnel to the training plans. TrainingKeeper automatically creates the schedule due dates for the training. With this scheduled training you meet this clause. When the auditor audits for this, use TrainingKeeper to bring up the training plans and the list of schedule classes.

b) provide training or take other actions to satisfy the needs

After conducting training, have the employees and teacher sign the training record (an example is included with the TrainingKeeper software). Enter the training record into TrainingKeeper. When the auditor ask for the evidence, show him the history of training per employee in TrainingKeeper.

c) evaluate the effectiveness of the training

You can quickly grade the employee as satisfactory or competent (or any other grade). Record this as you enter the data within TrainingKeeper. This measure of competency stays forever in TrainingKeeper. When the auditor ask for the effectiveness, bring up the employees individual training history and show him the grades.

d) ensure that its personnel are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and they contribute to the achievement of the quality objectives

Create a class called quality objectives. Train each employee in your quality objectives. Teach them how their work affects the quality objectives. Create training records of the quality objective classes. Enter these into TrainingKeeper software. Here the auditor may ask the individual employees how they affect the quality objective. You can also bring up the quality objective class in TrainingKeeper and show all the employees trained to that class.

e) maintain appropriate records of education, training, skills and competence.

TrainingKeeper tracks all of this. For both internal and external training, you can enter this info into TrainingKeeper. You can track resumes, hyperlink to documents such as procedures, scanned certificates, or meeting notes. For each hard copy of a training record you can put a training record number assign by TrainingKeeper Software. File the hard copies by the training record number. When the auditor ask for evidence, use TrainingKeeper software to show and find all the training records.


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Student Training Report

Standard Training Record

Summary of Classes Report

Classes by Teacher Report

 Time and Count per Student

Printing a Record

Training History List

Schedule of Classes

Keep Employee Information

List of Training per Employee

Training History and Training Record

Create a Training Plan

Assigning Training Plans to Students

Certifications Examples

Microsoft Excel

Expenses Report

Setting Expiration Dates


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