Your Business Core Values Determine the Success of Your Mission

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The business core values of the future deemphasizes the traditional idea of "boss/employee" and encourages more mutually beneficial partnerships.

Most companies manage their employees with a traditional sense of coercion and control. 

These new partnerships are not bond by the traditional hierarchical definitions of status, rank, and location, but rooted in values and goals.

To improve quality assurance you must harness these types of partnerships in your business now. They must become a main piece of your business core values if you want to differentiate yourself and expand your influence.

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Differentiation Vs. Your Business Core Values

Understand the thing you can be best at in the world. Also understand the thing your team or business can be best at in the world. These keys help you get to the core of your business.

Most businesses try to win by competing with other similar businesses by being better than them in the same arena. Great businesses don't compete like this. They choose a specific trait that differentiates them and they can be "best at". Then they operate from this "core" business characteristic.

You must stake your claim on how you are different, then back it up. This  gives you the solid bedrock on which you need to compete.

Having core values like this also allows you team the flexibility to act within both a rigid and a fluid environment. As long as you don't break the core values of the business you can adapt to any situation.

"Every great organization is characterized by dual actions; preserve the core and stimulate progress." --Jim Collins

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The Value of Letting Go

Most leaders (most people for that matter) want to believe they are indispensable. The best leaders and the best teams, put mechanisms in place so they can thrive without a specific person.

If you're seeking greatness in your business, strive for this core value.

People need to be a part of something. Knowing this can be beneficial to you as a leader. If you align the business core values of your team with the values of the team members then their decision to belong and contribute becomes much simpler. Really not a decision at all.

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Mechanisms of Success

Trust and accountability become the core ingredients to building a unified group of people that is self-sufficient, inter-dependent, and self-directed.

Your core values list become the binding force behind your organization's consistent growth, and continue to expand without outgrowing it's foundation.

Ask yourself these important questions as you build or rebuild your team.

  • What core values define you?
  • What experiences led you to owning those values?
  • Are these values working in your life or are they ineffective?
  • Do your values conflict with your current team?

Answering these questions (in writing!) about your core values becomes a valuable exercise to establish clarity and alignment in your business, your team, and in your life.

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