How Your Values Drive Your Selection of Customers or Employer

This article provides key information on how your values drive your selection of customer or employer.

How much do your customers, clients or employer value you and what you do for them? Do they really appreciate all the trouble you take to deliver the best possible work, service or product?

I saw this letter, talking about the ‘Charlie the Plumber’ test, in an email sent through a Yahoo group. And although it is written to service providers, I think the essence of the letter and how your values drive your selection of customer or employer applies to anyone with work choices.

It talks about choosing who you are prepared to do business with. Now I know a lot of business people believe they can’t be choosy about who they deal with; they all need work or all the sales they can get!

The only way to get out of this situation is to make sure you position yourself – as Charlie has – as the ‘go to expert’ who is selective about who you will do business with; someone who doesn’t work with just anyone.

Here’s the letter, from Doug D’Anna. I've edited it to consider not just service providers but employees as well. Learn how your values drive your choosing of employment.

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Letter How Your Values Drive Your Selection of Customer or Employer.

Dear Friend,

Last week, I was pitched three jobs by three different companies, and I turned them all down. I don’t say this to be smug or arrogant; they simply didn’t pass my three-rule test.

And I can tell you this with all honesty, they weren’t right for you either, as I’ll explain in a moment.

So why did I turn down these three new assignments?

Because none of them passed my Charlie the Plumber test!

What, exactly, is my Charlie the Plumber test?

Frankly, it’s a simple test that every potential client or employer I meet must pass, or I won’t work with that person. I named this test after none other than my own plumber, whom I affectionately refer to as Charlie the Plumber. It focuses on how your values drive your employment decisions.

Charlie, by the way, is a great guy, who has been doing work for me for nearly 10 years. He’s an honest guy who charges an honest price for his work and whom I trust 100%. He never overcharges, never tries to sells you something you don’t need, and always bends over backwards for me.

What I love most about Charlie (other than that he’s a big talker like me) is the fact that he not only treats me like royalty but also has come to a point in his life where he picks his clients.

You see, unlike most plumbers, who have full webpage ads that scream discount, Charlie doesn’t advertise. He works by referral only, and he’s very choosy about whom he takes on.

As a client, I feel blessed that I have Charlie working for me!

Are Your Clients or Employers Lucky to Have You Working for Them?

If not, maybe it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Because having clients / employers who value you for your knowledge and your experience is where you want to be.

And if you don’t start picking your clients / employers on that basis now, you could find yourself working with a demanding group of unappreciative people who see you only as an hourly employee.

That’s why before you accept any new work, I highly suggest that you put your prospects through my Charlie the Plumber test.

My Rules for Picking Clients / Employers Who Will Pay You What You’re Worth.

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1. Got to Have Fun.

As I learned from Charlie, life’s too short to work with a bunch of demanding jerks. You want to work with people who love their work and love life. When you find these people, as I have, you’ll get up every day inspired to do your best to meet deadlines and exceed expectations, because you’re having too much of a good time to do otherwise.

2. Got to Make Money.

Let’s face it, providing services or working is hard work. So there has to be an upside. That upside in our society is known as money. Why bust your butt if the person only wants to pay you peanuts? No — you want to work with people who are fun and who will pay you what you are worth and then some.

3. Got to Be Appreciated.

Believe it or not, this is actually my first rule. I never work for people who are looking for just another employee. If the first question they ask is what is my rate, then it is clear to me that they are looking for another person with lower expectations and not for the special something that I bring to the table.

Anyone who wants to hire me has to want me, Doug D’Anna, and have me working on his or her behalf. I say this not to be smug or arrogant, but only to drive home the point that you, too, are a unique individual worthy of the same appreciation.

When you think about it, why would you ever want to work for someone who doesn’t appreciate you? Before job selection, you need to understand how your values drive your selection.

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4. Got to Learn Something.

Over the years, I have found that only half of my successes came from me. The other half came directly from the fine group of publishers, product managers, and business owners whom I worked with–individuals whose knowledge was superior to my own and whom I could learn from.

That’s why after a new client / employer passes my first three hurdles, I always put them to this fourth and crucial test – especially when I have two or three projects / clients / employers to choose from at any one time.

You’ll be surprised to know that I’ve chosen projects with far less immediate financial potential, simply because I would be working with an A-list employer in my field who could take my skills to the next level.

This fourth rule has not only allowed me to work with the top talent in the country but also has resulted in much greater financial success as well. Understanding how your values drive your life leads to success.

Please Make Them Your Rules Too

These rules have worked for me. That’s why I want you to make them your rules as well. I guarantee that if you follow them, you’ll find yourself working with people who not only value and appreciate your knowledge and talent but just as important – pay you for it. Now, you know how your values should drive your selection of customer or employer.

However, maybe, these values are not your key values. Instead, you go by other values. You need to decide how your values drive your employment choices. You need to follow these.

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And when you do refuse to do business with someone, for whatever reason, remember it can be done courteously.  And if you can point them in the direction of someone who is a better fit for them, then they are still going to feel happy about their relationship with you.

Article Mostly Written by Doug D’Anna from 

Article edited and posted by Quality Assurance Solutions

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