Power Words for
Emotional Selling

Lets discuss power words for emotional selling...

We know words have power. What we write… how we write it can deliver a strong message and have a stunning effect on our target audience or it can be like a damp squib and fizzle out… leaving them cold.

I was reminded of this by a newsletter I received from Guillermo Rubio of AWAI. He described an article in which a Mother decided she didn’t want her daughter to hear the word ‘brainstorm’ because of the word’s violent connotations. Instead she insisted on using the term ‘thought shower’.

Somehow I don’t think that’s going to get her daughter fired up enough to generate many excitingly creative ideas.

Guillermo went on to say using emotionally charged words more likely connect with our readers; maybe jolt them out of complacency or inaction. And sometimes we must do this for our reader’s benefit.

Of course – this is where our Government can stultify our message if we are not careful… we don’t want to alarm people. But at the same time we owe it to our prospects, as well as ourselves, to break through the mundane and write with excitement and a passion that generates an emotional response. Remember – our emotions make us buy, then we use logic to justify that decision.

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Guillermo suggested alternatives to some of the words you might find in your sales copy…

Replace Drop with Plummet, Crash, Crater or Nose-Dive

Or how about Shock instead of Surprise or maybe Slice instead of Lower or Reduce?

Scan your sales message. Are you using vibrant words – especially verbs – to trigger emotions, paint a vivid picture and hopefully, catapult your reader into action?

The below image shows more power words for emotional selling.

Power Words for Emotional Selling

Check your thesaurus, is there a more inspiring word you can use to explode your message into your prospect’s mind?

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The Power of Words. . .

Do you ever have a conversation in your head? Do you sometimes criticize yourself – perhaps harshly?

Have you ever stopped to consider the power the words you use have over you?

Because words do have power. If they didn’t we wouldn’t bother writing sales letters using words to persuade people to buy from us.

So what do you say to yourself when you’re mulling things over in your mind?

Do you berate yourself for your mistakes, rather than acknowledging you’ve just eliminated another way that doesn’t work for you?

Do you tell yourself you cannot possibly achieve what you see others doing, especially in business. Are the words you use negative and degrading – putting yourself down?

Or do you think of the glass as being ‘half-full’? Do you expect to achieve what you plan; use words that are uplifting, encouraging and supportive?

Your thinking affects the way you feel as well as what you achieve, which is why on my office wall I have this favorite reminder..

From Frank Outlaw...

Watch your thoughts, they become words
Watch your words, they become actions
Watch your actions, they become habits
Watch your habits, they become your character
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny

If you look at any successful person, whether in business or some other field of achievement, they all have one thing in common – they do not regard themselves as a failure who will never get anywhere. And more importantly, they expect to achieve what they set their heart on.

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What If?

One comment to me, claims you only need two words for power words for emotional selling, in the form of a question, to always inspire creativity. What are the two words?

Very simply, “What if?

This single question causes the “root of imagination.” It’s here, and I think he’s right, that every creative moment begins.

The possibilities are endless with this question. You open up new realms of discovery, new worlds, whole new universes of opportunities. There is no end with this question. There is no way to say No, we can’t or ‘That isn’t possible.’ The only thing you can do with a ‘what if’ question is dream.

This is a powerful phrase you can use in your copywriting. . .

  • what if you could double or triple response to your marketing activity?

  • what if you could improve efficiency by 42%?
  • what if you could reduce costs without reducing quality or service?
  • what if you could show your customers how you can help them achieve their dreams?

Include a few what if statements in your sales letter and see what happens. And don’t forget… what if can also be used to describe the less than ideal situation your customer experiences by not taking your offer.

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