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The product order form template is your response mechanism when you send a letter.  It is the most important piece in your mailing package.  It is the final 'call to action' your prospect will see.

In many cases, it can be a real stumbling block for someone and can often prevent a person from responding if it is too difficult to complete or doesn't in any way confirm they are making the right decision.

You need to create a 'magnetic' response form that your prospect cannot resist.

Think of it as your 1-page advert for the offer in your sales letter.

Make it attractive, easy to fill in and valuable looking.  Confirm the main thrust of your offer and any bonuses and guarantees you have made in your letter.

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Product Order Form Template Elements

Keep these 10 Rules in mind to design your magnetic response product order form template.

1)  Avoid calling your form 'Order Form'. Priority Reservation, Special Inquiry or Delegate Certificate is a more gentle approach.

2)   Use a separate sheet of paper for your order form.  It is important - make it look as if it is a valuable piece of paper.

3)   Do not write anything on the back of the form.  You will distract your prospect, and they may delay, and then forget, to complete and send the form.  And if he puts it face down, and you have something on the back, there is no incentive for him to turn it over to check what it is and be reminded about sending it off.

4)   Put a border around the form to enhance its appearance.

5)  For a high-value offer use a heavyweight paper, like parchment to give the feeling of value.

6)   Include tick boxes and the word Yes at the beginning of the form to start an affirmative statement:  e.g. Yes, I do want to…

7)   Restate the benefits and results the respondent can expect to receive i.e. the offer.  Write the confirmation statements as if he/she were saying it him/herself. Emphasize the positive benefit not the negative angle.

8)   Repeat your guarantee – to remind him he is taking a low-risk or risk-free action.  Highlighting in a colored or shaded panel helps it to stand out so your prospect is happier about entering their details. (Use a box-frame instead of shading if you are offering a fax-back facility).

9)   Make the form simple to fill in and check it flows easily.

10)  Say 'Thank You' - show your appreciation for their business.

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More on the Design

Think of your response form as a 1-page advert for the offer in your letter:

1 – Have a compelling descriptive title

2 – Write from the respondent's point of view.  E.g. Yes – I do…

3 – Repeat the details and real benefits of the offer.

4 – Design the product order form template to encourage people to respond without even having to read your sales letter – it should contain everything they need to know about your offer, including benefits, price, how to take up the offer and what they can expect to receive.

Often people look at a response form and make their decision ‘on the spot’ without even glancing at the letter itself.  But not everyone – so don’t think you can get away with writing a less effective letter!

5 – Tell your prospect precisely what to do with the form – don't leave them guessing.  Do you want them to post it or fax it?  How do they pay? Are you offering different payment methods?  Leave enough space for them to write their credit card details.

6 – Be careful with your wording.  It must be straightforward, clear and easy to understand.  Give the form to someone who is not involved with the project and ask them to fill it in.  If they ask questions - your job is not finished.  Re-write your response form and check it again with someone else.

7 – Check the form carefully.  It can save you from making simple, but very expensive mistakes.  It’s so easy to miss out the obvious things like giving an address to send it to!

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