Laboratory Technician Jobs

Laboratory analysts or laboratory technician jobs work in labs and analyze various substances. In U.S. about two-thirds of laboratory personnel work in hospitals or doctor's offices, and about one-third work in industrial settings (factory and plant labs and testing centers). Working under the direct supervision of a physician or a medical technologist or Chemists, they are required to administer tests to assist physicians in diagnosing and treating ailments.

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Laboratory technician in the medical field prepares bodily organs and fluids for analysis. They examine tissues and organs, searching for organisms such as parasites and bacteria. They monitor tests and procedures that are being conducted. They match blood prior to transfusions. They test blood for drug levels including blood counts as red cell, hemoglobin, differential, platelet, retic, and sickle cell.

Laboratory Technician Jobs

Laboratory technician performs biological, hemotological, chemical or physical analysis and determinations, bacteriological, chemical, or serological tests on a variety of samples. These include blood, sputum, urine, milk, water, food products, contaminants, industrial and municipal wastes, soils, and construction materials. They conduct tesing in accordance with Protocol, Good Clinical Practice, Standard Operating Procedures and relevant regulatory guidelines.

Laboratory technician jobs prepares slides and makes microscopic observations, collects blood specimens and analyzes them for sugar, sedimentation rate, and bacteria cultures. Lab technician carries out biochemical analyses and determinations such as liver function, thyroid function, renal function, and cardiac function at the direction of professional staff.

Histotechnicians prepare slides of body tissue for examination by clinical laboratory technologists and pathologists. They freeze tissue so that it can be cut into paper-thin slices. They also stain the slides so that the tissue can be seen clearly under a microscope.

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Agriculture laboratory technician jobs analyze soils for grain size and compaction. He/she perform various germination tests on agricultural grass, vegetable, flower and tree seeds to determine percentage of germination. They tests crop seeds and grass seed mixtures for their purity. He/she requires examining various seed samples for occurrence and type of noxious weeds. They may require making injections and dissects animals for thorough study.

By detecting and diagnosing disease in laboratory animals; treats diseased animals under professional direction. Laboratory technician jobs maintain technical records and prepares reports as required by the Line Manager in a timely manner. May required keeping inventories of supplies and stocks on hand for laboratory use.

Lab technician are also employed in a broad range of industrial settings. Chemical lab analysts work with chemists and chemical engineers in labs and production environments to test for purity, types of contamination, etc. Lab analysts are also commonly employed in agriculture /food science, geology and the petrochemical industry, as well as in environmental science and forensic science.

In this role, laboratory technician jobs perform laboratory tasks, under direction of Chemists, to support production facility and research work by performing basic calculations and formulating all the necessary solutions for the production facility according to established procedures and utilizing standard laboratory equipment.

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Lab technician performs analysis for manufacturing process like plating, etching, and WWTS discharge to public sewer control. He/she prepare solution for baths pump up (Gold, Nickel additive, brighteners). He/she is responsible for safety as regards to chemicals within the company, for cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining work space and equipment.

He/she functions according to instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform duties. He/she adheres to Company Chemical Hygiene Plan, Biohazard Exposure Control Plan, Hazard Communication Plan and any additional Safety policies and procedures.

Apart from these, a crime Lab Technician may also document examination including document dating, forgery, and handwriting analysis. He/she also works in certain areas like firearms examination and tool mark identification, and examine fingerprinting. He may conduct Psychophysical detection of deception exam (commonly known as the polygraph or lie detector test) is based on the scientific theory.

A successful lab technician must excel in problem solving. They must also be incredibly detail oriented. They must possess good eyesight, be dexterous and possess exceptional hand-eye coordination. They must also possess computer skills as much of the equipment they will be using is automated.

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Schedules and oversees the maintenance, adjustment, or calibration of laboratory instruments, apparatus, or testing devices. He needs to operates, adjusts, and maintains scientific instruments, including, but not limited to pH meters, spectrophotometers, electrophoresis apparatuses, chromatography apparatuses, flame photometers, fluorescent immunoassay refractometers, particle counters, microprocessors, analytical balances, autoclaves, and compression testing equipment.

Laboratory Technician Jobs
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