Giving Thanks Activities

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Within a business, there are frequent occasions for giving thanks activities. I want to tell you about an inspired way of saying ‘thank you’ that makes your company more memorable, whether the thanks are to customers, business colleagues or a member of staff.

Many business owners are astute enough to realize that expressing thanks for business; for referrals and recommendations; for a job well done by a supplier; for an excellent result achieved by an employee is good business practice. It is also a canny marketing activity; showing you appreciate your clients and the support they give by buying from you.

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Giving Thanks Activities

How you express your thanks gives a different perception of your company; it’s where attention to detail counts. So what are the ways you can show your appreciation – and how can you do it successfully without it becoming a burden on your budget or time?

  • Send an ordinary email of thanks – this doesn’t take much time and is certainly better than not doing anything; but I don’t think it will really make you stand out
  • Organize an impressive e-card. There are many websites for this. You can select beautiful animated e-cards, but if the person you are thanking has a spam filtering system in place, the notification email may not reach him (or her) or he may not collect the card – it does need some effort on his part.
  • Give a small gift of thanks – depending upon what you are expressing appreciation of, that may be appropriate.
  • Write a personal letter of thanks. This does take more effort and for some people it can take considerable time, thinking of how to word the letter. Not everyone is comfortable about putting their thoughts into writing.
  • Snail-mail a postcard. Although this is a little different giving thanks activities, it’s not very private and may not be appropriate in certain circumstances.
  • Post a ‘Thank You’ greeting card – this is the inspired method I want to tell you more about. You see, at first glance it may seem as though it takes as much effort, if not more, than some of the suggestions above. But I found a brilliant website that sends a high quality card, complete with your personal message. The cards are sent from the US but, with the current exchange rates.

There is an incredible choice of card designs, and the whole process takes just a couple of minutes. For example, take a look at where, for those extra-special occasions, they can even add a gift. I tested this service myself and can definitely confirm the high quality of the supplied card.

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Marketing Thought: if you decide to use these cards as an alternative way of delivering your marketing message, it may intrigue your prospect enough to open the envelope – which is the first step we are aiming to achieve. It is something that might be worth testing.

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