The Simple Law of
Recruiting Better Employees

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Find and hire the right people for your team.

Recruiting better employees supports effective team building. This controllable method determines the effectiveness of your team.

Still, given the importance of recruiting and hiring the right people into their organization many managers still get it wrong.

These recruiting and hiring mistakes cost companies millions of dollars, and cost individuals thousands of jobs every year.

The simple fact is. . .

The Best Companies Hire the Best Employees.

How do these companies do this? They make it a point to recruit, hire, train, and promote people from the top 10% of the talent pool to fill the most important jobs first.

This process is not always easy. In fact in the short term holding out and only recruiting better employees who show top level talent and skills might cost you more money, time, and energy. But that is only in the short term.

The rewards are worth the effort. Hiring and retaining candidates in the top 10% of the applicant pool pays off thousands of times over.

Recruit employees who fit the mold of your team and aligned with the values of your organization improves the overall effectiveness of your team and organization. This brings your business goals closer to reach.

It's a Choice? Who You Recruit is an Integral Part of Your Business Strategy

As a manager in charge of hiring people for your organization, don't underestimate the importance of people's values and behaviors.

Recruiting better employees who fit the exact mold of your team's values first, is the most effective and predictable way the ensure a smooth operating, high performance team down the road.

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The results are staggering. By recruiting and hiring the right people, your teams produce more, work better together, earn more profits, come up with better ideas, work happier, and attract better talent.

Always Be Looking: Recruiting Better Employees is a Continual Process

Smaller businesses might balk at the suggestion of hiring and retaining only top level talent.

Maybe the process is too difficult. Maybe you don't know how to write a good job description, or you feel like your candidate pool is dangerously shallow.

Whatever the reason, as a manager you can't afford NOT to hire the top talent available for your opening.

For example, next time you go into a grocery store or restaurant pay attention to the employees.

Whether or not the owner of that business realizes it or not, each employee represents a conscious decision by that business to represent itself. Pay attention: how are you treated, the cleanliness of the table, do the employees smile, is the food exceptional, are you treated like a human being.

When you leave ask yourself, can your business afford to hire less than the best employees? How do you wan to represent yourself?

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You Define Yourself By the People You Hire

Recruiting good employees is the #1 most important thing you do. The people your team associates with defines who and what you are in the minds of your competition and your customers.

Hiring the right people is the surest way to determine your success, develop your team's unique brand, and insure the continuity of your competitive advantage as your team develops.

People leave. Life happens. Employees get married, have kids, and make career changes.

The only sure way to accurately predict the future success and sustained performance of your team is by recruiting better employees who reflect the values, principles, and goals of your team and organization.

It's imperative that you hire, train and retain the right people for the right spots on your team.

When done effectively you build a valuable, unique and unified team committed to performance and one that delivers predictable results year after year.

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