Effective Communication Training:
How to Walk the Talk

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If you could only focus on one aspect of running a business, then you would most likely focus on communication training.

Companies can complicate the process of working together to produce a productive team setting. But simply, if your people communicate together, your team will be effective.

Effective communication is not based simply on level of education, status, or using big words and fancy language.

Communicating effectively means being honest and forthright about how you see things, and describing your perception to others in a clear manner.

The proper utilization of our intelligence and knowledge is to effect change from within to develop a good heart.

--Dalai Lama

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How We Communicate

Whether you realize it or not, you shape the way you communicate with others primarily by how you feel internally.

If you approach new people from an uncomfortable perspective, such as closed off or wary, you communicate that in your speech, body language, and tone. No matter how subtle.

Studies show that only 4-6 percent of communication is based on the words you use, the rest of the 94-96 percent of communication occurs in tone and body language. Therefor effective communication training examines the roots of "what you say" and "how you say it".

The Foundation of Communication Training: Start With Compassion

All communication begins internally.

Whether you're speaking or writing, what you say starts with a direct reflection your emotionally, spiritually, and physically within you.

Rather than training simply by practicing social skills or external communication training, instead practice your feelings of internal compassion.

By cultivating this sense of compassion throughout your entire team and organization, you will see almost invariably positive interactions. People's productivity and effectiveness also improves dramatically.

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Communication Empowers. . . or not

Communication, both good and bad, is based on speaking and listening. It makes us human and gives us the ability to relate to one another.

Developing communication skills breaks down barriers and allow people to share willingly of themselves. It teaches us to relate to other humans in a competitive world.

So, team building is the natural result of teaching others empathetic communication.

Training allows flexible, relatable, compatible people together and allows them to express themselves in an honest and clear manner, without fear of reprisal.

In this safe space, you allow people to redefine their perception of working relationships, while, at the same time, performing their work effectively.

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