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What is the TQM model? 

Are you a quality assurance professional? Perhaps you are part of an established small business, or even a large scale organization. If you are in a position in any type of business that employs other individuals that work closely together, you may have heard of the “TQM model”.

This is a highly detailed and functional model that was established for leading management professionals during the decade of the 80’s. As more and more companies caught on to the success of those who were excelling as a direct result of the this model, its popularity skyrocketed.

The TQM model is carefully designed to ensure that each of these components supports high quality. If businesses maintain these characteristics, their customers will be more satisfied overall. When customers are satisfied, the company succeeds.

In addition to this, there is less operational waste and loss of business in general. Here, you will learn a few basics as it relates to Total Quality Management. If you are looking to optimize the performance of your business, or your quality assurance team, the TQM Model may be appropriate for you!

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Basic Elements of Total Quality Management

There are eight different basic elements of Total Quality Management. These elements are necessary to ensure that the model is implemented successfully. Without each and every single element put into place, it is likely that the business or the quality assurance program will experience some degree of failure. These basic elements include the following

  1. Communication
  2. Basic Ethics
  3. Recognition
  4. Integrity
  5. Teamwork
  6. Leadership
  7. Trust
  8. Training

These core elements are believed to be the ultimate “foundation” to success when it comes to successful operations in the business, or the quality assurance program. Many have concluded that this system works in much the same method that a composition of a home works.

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The TQM House

Let’s imagine a picture of a basic home. You have the roof, the inside of the home, and the area that surrounds the entire area of the home – top to bottom. Only in this case, the picture of the home that we are imagining is actually the picture of your business or quality assurance program.

Now, the area around the entire business – top to bottom – is the core element of “communication”. Communication is one of the most important elements when it comes to business success. Without communication, a business can literally shut down.

The next core essential to business is recognition – this is the “roof” of the building. Employees must and should be recognized for their unique contributions to the business. If this occurs, then it is easy to ensure that the rest of the elements will fall into place.

The inner core of the business should implement the basic elements of training, integrity, teamwork, leadership, and ethics. If the entire business contains these key essentials, it is likely that the customers will be extremely pleased with the products and services that the business offers. 

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Management’s Role and the TQM Model

Management plays a very special role when it comes to the TQM Model. It is the job of the manager to ensure that all the components of this model are put into place. Management remains a consistent part of the business and/or quality management program.

The following will detail the components, and examples of the ways that managers can fulfill their role using this model in order to ensure business and/or quality assurance success:

Communication is a core element of success. It is necessary to ensure that all levels of communication are kept open and that includes the customers.

Basic ethics means that the professional code and procedures that are part of the business are implemented and maintained in the company and/or organizational team unit.

Recognition means that employees and customers are recognized and appreciated for their unique contributions to the business.

Integrity means that all business endeavors are honest, and upheld by solid morals.

Teamwork means implying to the employees that by working together as a single unit, and making good use of everyone’s talents in one pool can lead to many different benefits in the business.

Leadership must be effective, positive, and constructive.

Trust must be maintained within all levels of the business – both internal and external.

Training must be offered to employees in order to ensure that the individuals can provide the best customer service possible on products and services offered by the business. 

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If you are seeking out the elements of the TQM Model that result in success when it comes to various types of businesses and quality assurance programs, the information is contained here. The Total Quality Management program contains all the elements of success to deliver a completely new outlook for any business and QA program.

By making certain that all the leaders are on the same page with the TQM and then teaching this system to your employees, you are sure to reap success in many ways that you never thought possible. 

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