Benefits of ISO 14001

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There are many benefits of ISO 14001. As we battle the current climate change disaster, getting certified to ISO 14001 is more important than ever. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) drives corporate environmental improvement in all areas. It helps your company fight climate change.

Addressing Climate Change

Per Mic Breaking News, profits drove companies to significantly contribute to our climate issues, now profits drive them to go green. Climate change will cost them money in the long run.  Many studies show climate warming will destroy infrastructure, displace millions of people, interrupt business supply chain, and cause trillions of business dollars lost.

Companies' attitudes are changing. In 2011 34% of companies acknowledge climate risks. Today, 72% of companies integrate climate-related risks into their business strategy.

A key method to integrating climate-related risks into business strategy is getting certified to ISO 14001.

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Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Investors

Per Forbes, Oxford College conducted a recent study that shows 86% of investors now consider environmental, social and governance information when making investment decisions.  The managed investment amount for these companies that provide this information is  22.89 million dollars which is more than US GDP.

To summarize, investors put their money in environment conscious companies. Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification encourages investors to invest in your company. The certification certainly won't prevent investment.

In the same Forbes article, Suzanne Fallender, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Intel, states that: “In 2019, I expect we will see investor focus on ESG continue to evolve, including a greater focus on the quality and relevance of data and third-party rating, as well as the connection between ESG performance data and financial results.”

The ISO 14001 standard drives environmental data collection. If done correctly, companies can tie the environmental data to financial results.  By improving environmental issues, companies pro-actively save money.

ISO 14001 Results

In 2013, ISO conducted a survey of ISO 14001 Certified companies the benefits of ISO 14001.  They found that 75% of the participants ranked very high or high that the standard provided value for meeting legal requirements and improving the organization's management commitment and employee engagement to environmental concerns.

They also found that 80% agreed that the standard provided moderate to very high value when it comes to environmental business management, meeting stakeholder requirements, improving public image, achieving strategic objectives, and integrating with business management systems.

They also found that the strongest environmental drivers for adopting ISO 14001 standard came from committing to environmental protection / conservation, and reducing risk of adverse environmental impact.  Primary influences related to business management included customer requirements and public image. 

Your ISO 14001 Kit includes Forms, Procedures, EMS Manual, Guidelines, Audits, Examples, Training Material, and Video for your ISO 14001:2015 Implementation

ISO 14001:2015 EMS Implementation Kit

Benefits of ISO 14001

British Accessment Bureau lists these as key Benefits of ISO 14001.

  • Waste, recycling and consumption cost savings
  • Gains competitive advantage over business competitors
  • Identifies and Manages Environmental risks
  • Drives complying with countries environmental regulations
  • Proves your commitment to environment improvement
  • Shows you company focuses on the future.
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • increases employee engagement
  • Provides a systematic approach to addressing Environmental concerns.
  • May reduce inspections from Governmental Agencies such as EPA.
  • Certification may be come a Global requirement for Global trade.

ISO Organization per their PDF adds these benefits

  • Demonstrates current and future statutory and regulatory requirements compliance.
  • Drives leadership involvement
  • Improves stakeholders strategic communication and company's reputation.
  • Achieves environmental strategic business goals.
  • Provide a financial advantage through improved efficiencies and reduced environmental costs
  • Supports suppliers envrionmental improvement through business integration.

Your ISO 14001 Kit includes Forms, Procedures, EMS Manual, Guidelines, Audits, Examples, Training Material, and Video for your ISO 14001:2015 Implementation

ISO 14001:2015 EMS Implementation Kit

ISO 14001 Resources adds these

  • Creates a marketing advantage which improves demand for the company's services and products.
  • Reduces company's environmental impact and controls environmental risk.
  • Proves your company commits to social responsibilities
  • Ensures the company communicates environmental knowledge throughout the organzation.

Perry Johnson Registrar adds

  • Drives raw material cost by improving product processing, substitution and by-products recyclings
  • Decrease consumption of energy
  • Decreases storage of material costs
  • Decreases waste handling, transport, emissions, discharges,  and disposal costs.
  • Can improve product yields
  • Improves environmental liability concerns and costs
  • Decreases and Prevents regulation fines
  • Uses the PDCA cycle for tracking EMS measurements
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