Winning and longevity

Why would a company that is turning out a satisfactory product want to continually examine its processes and work environment?

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by: frank

For a company that become a satisfactory by the consumers must be examined continuously. It is the duty of the workers to make the quality of the product a consistent one or a higher one. It is effort that you must take to bring the company in progress.

Why even the best needs change
by: Arindom

Even if you are the best and the market leader, its dangerous to just go on doing what you are doing. Today's top companies take on their own products and try to innovate still better products. The reason is to ensure that there is always a gap between you and the rest of the field.
Today, we have another reason. Disruptive Technologies (Read the Innovator's Dilemma by Christiansen). These are innovations which change the rules in the industry. What's the value of yesterday's CD making industry? Like the floppy disc industry. They still went under despite being expertly managed.
Read the book. You won't regret it.
Arindom Borah

Winning and Longevity
by: Anonymous

A company that offers a profitable product wants to continually examine its process and the work environment to stay ahead of the competition. With the Winning and Longevity Discussion, the owner of the professional baseball team wanted to win big and win fast. They wanted to beat their competition and get to the top.

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