What is Total Quality Management in HR?

by Mehraj
(New-delhi, India)

I want to get clear about the relation between TQM and HR. How can we implement TQM in HR.

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Comments for What is Total Quality Management in HR?

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by: Lovely

The idea of total quality management in HR is well explained on this webpage. I am an MBA HR student and this post has helped me a lot to understand on the concepts of Total quality management. Thank you so much

Management's comittement
by: Kalinda

TQM can not be attainable without the comittement from top management,therefore management plays a big role in the TQM process

by: jai shinde

Total Quality Management in HR .TQM means reduce the errors produced during the manufacturing or service process, increase customer satisfaction, streamline supply chain management and aim for modernization of equipment and ensure workers have the highest level of training.

One of the principal aims of TQM is to limit errors to 1 per 1 million units produced.

Total Quality Management is often associated with the development, deployment, and maintenance of organizational systems that are required for various business processes.

TQM Role in hr :-
2:-Incentive system.
3:-Organisational changes.
4:-Socitel learning.
5:-Safe & tidy work environment.
6:-Value & recognition.

by: haifa

TQM is organizationwide wide approch to improve qulaity & customer satisfaction, whch needs commitment from the organization.

if i look at HR it is one of the essential assets to provide the organization with well qualified individuals, who can perform a highly standard work.

another point is one of the important principals in quaity is staff training & development & staff satisfaction as well which promote the employees performance skills & satisfaction.

HR plays a very essential & major role in them.

Total Quality Management in HR
by: Vinoth

According to me total quality management in HR would mean delivering the following with complete transparency:

-Work force development.
-An engaged workforce.
-Conducting transparent performance appraisals.
-Compensation and benefits as per industry and local standards in line with education and experience.

If all of the above are delivered there is no doubt that everyone in the organization will be in a win-win situation.

QA/ Compliance Manager
by: Ravind Takan

Total Quality Management is having to do with company wide quality control.

To maintain good and effective control in HR,i think the HR manager needs to know the principles management concepts, local labor law and its strategies.

Should understand about corporate social responsbilities vis-a-vis the employees.

Good flow of communication to be pratice all along among the staff and smployees- HR staff need to be trained to keep a friendly environment to employees specially at times of recruitment process- Need to pay concern about clarity/ commitment and execution of their task.

Of course , this commitment should start right from the top management level for the interest of effective execution accordingly.

Actually,in this competitive markert environment, total quailty management is of vital use to bring success to the business.

TQM is considered as the foundation of managing all operations in the process.

Good managing with right direction will lead the way to pefection and climbing ladder of success.

In a company HR dept is really an important area- Need to interact with new employees ,to discuss any problem related to work- Need to maintain a well balanced environment between workers and management-Will there be something of uncertainty , it will surely lead to confusion and might jeopardize the whole process etc..

To keep an effecive work flow with good work co-operation, i think TQM is the only approach to implement.

TQM and HR invovlement
by: Anonymous

Human resource management can act a pivotal change agent.

Benchmark the needs of the companies needs.

TQM with the assistance of senior management in HR can develop and delivery long term training that reflects the organization mission statement and vision.

The culture of the internal business structure shifts when the organization shifts from local to global.

HR would bring TQM reward systems that increase customer satisfaction and corporate accountability. There must be a true understanding of TQM philosophy.

There must be an open, problem-solving atmosphere;Participatory design making;
Trust among all employees (staff, line, workers, managers);

A sense of ownership and responsibility for goal achievement and problems solving; and,
Self-motivation and self-control by all employees.

Look at the examples of Wal-mart and Pixar's internal structure.

These are two organization that have come to value the intangible asset of human capital.

More so with Pixar than Wal-mart.The challenge is to develop a robust culture where the idea of quality improvement is not only widely understood across departments, but becomes a fundamental, deep-seated value within each function area as well.

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