Total Quality Management and Quality of Life Coaching

by Joe Dean Williams PhD
(Aptos, CA, US)

Total Quality Management and Quality of Life Coaching

© Joe Dean Williams, PhD
April 12, 2012

The beauty of Deming's philosophy of management is its human-centric focus. Reading Deming's Fourteen Points and Profound Knowledge leads to the realization that he viewed people as any business or organization's greatest asset. He clearly explains how to release employees' creative power and optimum performance.

I first encountered TQM (Deming style) while working over thirty years in mental health and related settings as both an administrator and counselor. As a youthful senior, I went back to school and got a PhD in TQM, with a focus on human services. Combining the new knowledge with my established training and experience, I decided to form a private practice as a Quality of Life Coach; merging counseling and management with life coaching, grounded on Deming's philosophy of management.

A way to view one's personal life is from a management perspective. For example, my life is a complex system with many processes, all of which can be examined individually and together. Root cause applies; special and common cause applies; PDSA cycles apply; management by data applies; releasing creativity and optimum performance applies, and most of all, focus on the internal customer, one's self. Most of us are looking for purpose and meaning in life, and have a vision and mission statement, albeit perhaps not very well articulated. The phrase I like to use is: successful, yet not fulfilled in some way. Many dreams have been derailed by the need to get a job and pay the bills.

Discernment and wisdom are more difficult than ever to come by in our very high pressure and complex society and growing global context. What I have come to realize even more clearly at this time of my life is that a core set of values and principles can really help negotiate life's complexities and lead to a much better quality of life. With that in mind another wonderful aspect of Deming's work is that his philosophy and principles of management are compatible with most cultural and spiritual settings. TQM is working globally; it can and does work individually, in families, and the community.

Finally, Deming's work is holistic; it works with the entire person. Communication, self-care, nutrition, parenting, caring for elders, career, personal development; any life challenge large or small; mental health issues. All fall easily under the aegis of Deming/TQM

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Total Quality Management
by: Arpita Dey

What a profound connection between Deming's philosophy and personal life management! Your journey from mental health settings to integrating TQM principles into a Quality of Life Coaching practice is inspiring. Applying Deming's holistic approach to personal processes, root cause analysis, and focusing on the internal customer (oneself) resonates deeply.

It's a testament to the universality of TQM, fostering success and fulfillment. As I explore TQM in my ongoing studies with Unichrone, your real-world application reinforces its transformative power. Thank you for sharing this insightful perspective on Deming's timeless philosophy.

Great Article
by: Robert Broughton


That was a great article. I liked the way you expanded on Dr. Deming philosophies.

Best Regards,


by: Riyez

There is a lot to study to get an immense knowledge regarding total quality management. I think Deming’s philosophy has explained the importance of TQM and Deming’s style is very useful to achieve the better result. Thanks for sharing this post!

Total Quality Management and Quality of Life Coaching.
by: Roger Brennan

Nice article! Thanks for sharing it. In present days everyone is ambitious but the problem is having multiple goals of life and confusion for choosing the most correct one. Also some others exists there who got frustrated from life and just moving away from life day-by-day. A life coach is essential in both the cases. They just not only help us doing the right thing but also guide to move on. The content you have elaborated regarding life coaching is absolutely true and valuable. I myself taking guidance of a life coach. Life Coach. You may also prefer it. Hope it would be helpful. Thank you.

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