Tolerances and Inspection

by joseph oswald
(chicago il)

I am the inspector in a 100+ year old "tape & square fab shop.

I was flagged by the ISO auditor on my inspection form. We were checking a plasma cut shape with a tolerance of 1/16". On the inspection form I had +/-.062" in the tol. column.

He stated to me that the process and inspection tools were not conducive to be able to check to three places. I agreed. This is what management dictated that I use on our forms.

I have jobs that are checked to three places using mics & calipers and they recorded as such. I believe that the tol. should be written as +/-.06". Our customer is o.k. with the tol. He does not care how it is written.

My company's management is adamant that I go to three and even four places on the tolerance column for the forms. Their basis for this idea is that is what a fraction is when converted to a decimal (Ex. 1/16" = .0625") per the charts on the walls.

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by: Robert (Administrator)

Hi Joseph,

There is so much confusion in your question. I'm not sure where to start.

Measuring equipment for significant tolerance digits

.06 Calipers or better
.062 Mic or better
.0625 Supermic or Comparator

For the recorded tolerance specification, use the customer specification unless company management wants a tighter specification. The tighter specification could be for a better product or easier measurements. If there is a tighter specification make sure it's been formally approved with signatures.

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