The use of the acronymn DRIVE as a quality managment toll

I have seen a model of QM in a handout that uses the acronymn DRIVE which is define, review, identify, verify and execute and i would like to use this model in an interview presentation.

However i wanted to read more about it but cannot find a reference to it on the internet please can you point me to any such material thanks

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Comments for The use of the acronymn DRIVE as a quality managment toll

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DRIVE - what is it?
by: Derren McAlpine

I have been involved in both quality management and project management for over 17 years and have not heard of DRIVE but looking at it it would appear to be similar to the Deming P.D.C.A cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Action). It may be the case that it is just another bussword meaning the same thing.

Three main groups of research variables:
by: Mai XU

Resulting from the adopted research design, there are three main groups of research variables:

control variables, strategic context variables, and the degree of use of the several QM practices. The following sections address the three main groups of research variables.

2.1. Research Controls

As mentioned earlier, we propose to infer about the adequacy of practices with respect to different strategic contexts by observing the degree to which they are used in plants representing those contexts.

Under this research design, there is the need to ensure a good correlation between the observed degree of use of a practice and its adequacy with respect to context (i.e., its effectiveness in context); and that it is also possible to isolate the effects of the strategic context on the degree of use of QM practices from other potentially confounding variables.

We propose that these conditions will be fulfilled if we examine organizations exhibiting the following characteristics, i.e., complying with the following research controls:

1. There is a strong efficiency drive for the adoption of QM practices. For an efficiency driven organization, its strategic context is hypothesized to influence the use of QM practices by means of a cost-benefit logic of implementation of individual practices.

2. There is a high degree of awareness by the organizations of the whole range of process management best practices encapsulated under the QM theme, and of the links between these and the improvement of performance. These practices are candidates for adoption by the organization in order to improve performance.

3. The organization has undergone a reasonably long process of experimentation in the adoption of QM practices. In other words, the organization should be "mature" in terms of the adoption of QM practices, for example, having had a formal program of quality improvement in place for an extended period of time.;col1

Drive :Process Improvement Tool
by: Dr.Ossama Ismail

DRIVE is an approach to problem solving and analysis that can be used as part of process improvement.

Define the scope of the problem the criteria by which success will be measured and agree the deliverables and success factors

Review the current situation, understand the background, identify and collect information ,including performance, identify problem areas, improvements and ?quick wins?

Identify improvements or solutions to the problem, required changes to enable and sustain the improvements

Verify check that the improvements will bring about benefits that meet the defined success criteria, prioritize and pilot the improvements

Execute plan the implementation of the solutions and improvements, agree and implement them, plan a review, gather feedback and review

Dr.Ossama Ismail

Very educational
by: Dimitris Agalos

The acronymn DRIVE which is define, review, identify, verify and execute, Is the PDCA Shewhart - Deming Continuous Improvement Cycle.

Think for a moment the real meaning of the words, and you will realize that the PDCA is there.
Dimitris Agalos

Ravind Taken
by: Anonymous

The word define is very important- Without defining the job clearly, I think we would not be able to understand how to operate the job ?May be during the process could have confusion or misunderstanding leading to poor job performance.

Review, to my thinking means during the work in -progress need to verify and check the process at regular interval ?Any deviation to the standard, immediate corrective action to be taken .

Identify means, having a clear understanding and knowledge of the standard we can easily check the quality of the work ? during inspection any problem found is detected we need to know the root causes meaning to identify the main causes of the problem and choose best alternative solution to eliminate the problem.

Verify means to check and compare with approval standard / requirement.

Execute meaning, after selecting the best possible solution or after getting enough information from our boss, we put in action and get the job started.

Drive force technology
by: 35Degrees

Drive - Drive is motivation, the management push device. it is a systemic technology to keep the system running, the people working and to keep getting the result, achieving set goals and corporate vision.


Drive :define, review, identify, verify and execute
by: Anonymous

I would agree with Mr. Derren McAlpine that it sounds similiar to PDCA.

Source Book
by: Ravind Takan

This brief outline of define , verify et.. is from the book
Productivity Management by Kean`s Project management approach.-Thank you ,
sorry I not mention the source ...

Best Rgds

by: Dino

In my opinion DRIVE symbolizes the motion of the project that whatever it is. For every management sector there we can see motion, sometimes it may be in the up or down directions. In the quality management, we want the movement upwards, and then only we can achieve the result.

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