Shoddy Calibration Location

by Jason
(Kansas City )

I audited this company that had many tools that required calibration. For the most part all the tools were calibrated and within the required calibration due date. I visited the "calibration lab" and found that it was in the worst part of the building. The area was not controlled. It had dust, dirt and high temp conditions. All of the standards were kept there.

I brought this to the attention of the GM. The GM stated that if the tool past calibration in this area, then it would definantly work correctly on the floor. This made me laugh. However, politely I told him the reasons for keeping the standards and conducting the calibration in a controlled environment.

A month later I revisited the company and they moved the calibration lab to a controlled area.

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Shoddy calibration location
by: Anonymous

Shoddy calibration location

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