Program evaluation and quality management

by Mahmood

Dear friends

As we know, quality audit is an evaluation of the effective implementation of QMS in an organization.
Also we have program evaluation methods and approaches to evaluate different programs, for achieving its objectives.
So I am thinking to use this approach in assessment of some aspects of the organizations, for example evaluation of "customer satisfaction measurement program", "customers needs prediction programs" and ....
I think that a perfect quality audit, can have big impact on the organizations programs and managers thinking.
Before any audit, the auditors are better to think about the auditee organization, review the audittee plans and prepare themseles ready to audit and give value to the auditee organization.

So my question is if every body has experience or knowledge about this subject or any idea, please share.

Thank you in advanced

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Awareness of System.
by: Anonymous

Now a days primary i.e. first stage audits are conducted.When overall view of organization picture is getting clear .How soever I feel that concern organisation must forward information of the unit which is undergoing audits. Information must have one Questioner form which should give
1. over all working of its organisation its main objective towards achieving customer satisfaction ,type of business activity with processes map.
2.they should give the the what efforts they have made in achieving the QMS requirements.
3.How involvement of people is achived
Coming revision in ISO 9001-2015 must inclde these things to make the thing valid

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