Lean Principles

by Mohamed Salah

I’d like to know is there standard for lean principles, techniques and tools?

In some sites read about standard SAE J4000, 4001, but I don’t know how does it mean for lean.

If you know about please advise.

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SAE -Society of Automotive Engineers
by: Dr.Ossama Ismail

Society of Automotive Engineers is a professional organization for mobility engineering professionals in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries.

The Society is a standards development organization for the engineering of powered vehicles of all kinds, including cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, and others. Membership is open to the public for those particularly interested in Human Factors and Ergonomic Standards

1. J4001
Implementation of Lean Operation User Manual
Document Number: J4001
Date Published: November 1999
SAE J4001 provides instruction for evaluating levels of compliance to SAE J4000. Component text (Sections 4 to 9) from SAE J4000 is included for convenience during the evaluation process.

Applicable definitions and references are contained in SAE J4000. SAE J4000 tests lean implementation within a manufacturing organization and includes those areas of direct overlap with the organization's suppliers and customers.

If applied to each consecutive organizational link, an enterprise level evaluation can be made.

SAE J4001 relates the following approximate topic percentages to the implementation process as a whole: Element 4 Management/Trust 25% Element 5 People 25% Element 6 Information Element 7 Supplier/Organization/Customer 25% (combined) Element 8 Product Element 9 Process/Flow 25% SAE J4001 is to be applied on a specific component basis.

Each of the fifty-two components tests part of, one, or multiples of the specific requirements of lean implementation.

Implementation throughout an organization may be measured by evaluating all of the components. The level of compliance for each component relative to best practice may be used as a reference by an organization to compare itself to current best practice in establishing lean operation.

Examples of current best practice are available in SAE publication RR003, Automotive Lean Enterprise Conversion Best Practice Examples.

An organization may evaluate only selected components without affecting validity of results.
2.J 4000
Identification and Measurement of Best Practice in Implementation of Lean Operation
Document Number: J4000
Date Published: August 1999
Issuing Committee:
Automotive Quality And Process Improvement Committee
Dr.Ossama Ismail

Remove out all wastage activities
by: Ravind Taken

Lean standard to my understanding need to remove out all wastage activities which do not add value to the process. Application of 5`S method will help in this lean standard- Briefly denotes the 5S : as Sort out (organize work place ) Straighten ( set ,arrange everything in its respective place),/ Sweeping ( cleaning and keep work place tidy) / Standardize ( set standard and guideline to get the work done smartly and within time frame) / and Sustain ( proof how well we did to the 4`S and also now including another 2`S for safety and smile.

Lean Managment principles
by: Ashraf Youssef

The lean definition is ?A systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste (non-value-added activities) through continuous improvement by flowing the product at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection?

There are many principles related to the lean implementation

1. Value stream Mapping
2. Waste management
3. Visual managment
4. Short Interval Management
5. Kaizen
6. Poka Youka (Mistake proofing)
7. Just in Time
8. 5S
9 Kanban
10. Total productive maintenance
11. 3P principles

Based on the above you can implement many standards to help you in implementation of lean principles. One of them is SAE J4000, 4001 and this is related to advanced supply chain management and e~Business, and we can conside this as a part of the lean infrastructure.

What is SAE J4000, 4001
by: Daniel

SAE J4001 provides instruction for evaluating levels of compliance to SAE J4000.

If you want to study the lean manufacturing system it would be best to study the Toyota Manufacturing Company and study the Six Sigma system.

These in my opinion would be the best areas to start your research. Hope this helps you?

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