How TQM works in sales operations?

The implementation of TQM in sales

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by: Bates

I am currently doing a small basic research on TQM and hence forth I do want to know about the full detail regarding its mode of operation and the area of operation. And how exactly do they differ and excel from other quality control management tools?

TQM in Sales Operations
by: Muhammad Ghazali

TQM, also known as Total Quality Control (TQC), is a management tool for improving total performance.

TQC means organized activities involving everyone in a company ? managers and workers ? in a totally systemic and integrated effort toward improving performance at every level.

It is to lead to increased customer satisfaction through satisfying such corporate cross-functional goals as quality, cost, scheduling, manpower development, and new product development.

TQC is a movement aimed at improvement of managerial performance at all levels.

Quality control carried out in this manner is called company-wide quality control or total quality control (TQC).

In sale operation, based on the philosophy of "Customer First", for examples; Toyota was develop and provide innovative, safe and outstanding high quality products and services that meet a wide variety of customers' demands to enrich the lives of peoples around.

TQM convinced itself that it would be a good idea to improve standard features without focusing on cost and also to use the "reverse thinking" that profits come from sales expansion; this thinking is what helped the Toyota evolve over time to become the vehicle that meets its customers' needs.

As a leader in the industry of automobile manufacture and production, the company adopts a philosophy in terms of its production system, which is named The Toyota Way.

The fundamental reason for Toyota's success in the global marketplace lies in its corporate philosophy ? the set of rules and attitudes that govern the use of its resources.

Toyota have successfully penetrated global markets and established a world-wide presence by virtue of its productivity.

The company's approach to both product development and distribution is very consumer-friendly and market-driven.

By practicing the philosophies of "Daily improvements" and "Good thinking, Good products,? the TPS has evolved into a world-renowned production system.

Furthermore, all Toyota production divisions are making sales to ensure its continued successful.

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