How should i get involved in the real work place


As a student taking a course in TQM how should i get involved in the real work place using the knowledge i have obtained from basic managemant classes?

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Work Experience - the great trainer
by: Derren McAlpine

To answer your question i would say yes it would be of great benefit to try and get some work experience in TQM to build on the knowledge gained from a management course.

I often mentor young and old management student in the area of TQM and lean manufacturing.

The hardest part is trying to gain that work experience, the best way forward would be to contact the college or university that you are studying at to see if they have any companies that accept their students on un-paid work study periods.

If the do not then wrighting to companies within the field in which you would like to work may bring success.

Yes I agree with You
by: sonu kumar

Make Quality Awareness Programme with in team/group/Company , Make All process parameter in Data Based , Analysis the Data for Gap ,Try to find out Root Cause by Cross functional Team & Basic 7 QC tools , Measure the Data after Improvement , Go for PDCA Cycle then SDCA Cycle
Better Way to make Quality Circle or AET (Area Efftecive Team ) with crossfunctional Team

Culture is very important aspect
by: Ashraf Youssef

To implement the knowledge that you gain in your class, you have to decide from where you have to start.

The most important aspect that you have to assess the culture of the people at the work place, then you can start from their belives to cnvience them first. They have to believe in quality and they have to drive them to work qulaity.

The management support is another very imprtant aspect to implement quality concepts, with out management support it will be difficult to realize quality in the workplace.

By all means, I belive you have to show the management that impact of quality on business to get them in first. Most of the managment understand finance terms only.

Practising TQM
by: 35Degrees

To get involve in TQM with basic knowledge of management - is expedient that you locate your area of specialization (your comfort zone and power spot)

2.identify the team/group you are working with, swot them and synegize appropriate your potentials

3.know fully well that TQM is about the end-consumer and not any of the team member, so the basis of all you do is targeted at the consumer. That's why you are working and why you are in business - Get the prescription, prototype or what have you from them and get it back to them the way they ask for it.

Experience the best teacher
by: Charles Bazner

I agree with all the above information. The best way to learn TQM is by practicing what you have learned and to see how the theory relates to the real world of business.

The suggestion that you intern with a company is fantastic. I am a great believer in this and use not only my own business but those of my friends to help students see the real world application of what I am teaching in the class.

It is a true eye opener when students can see the impact of what we are studing in a real world application.

Nothing is real witout knowledge
by: Anonymous

TQM is not only for manufacturing industry. You can apply it anywhere in your surroundings.

Real have no meaning until you are familiar with it.

Even you may start with your kitchen.

However, from the career point of view, you may contact any organization to be familiar with day to day problems & providing some solutions.

Y.K. Rathaur

by: michelle

As a student took a TQM subject for being involved in a real workplace I could be a competitive employee in a way of being aware to what happen to my workplace and also to be adopt to their environment as to compete in every activities they have so this is my total quality.......thanks

Define Goal, Identify Crucial Areas, Deploy Bexcellence
by: Bayan


If I understood your query I say start by :

clearly defining what you want, or asked to do. In other words, know exactly what is your desired goal.

Next step would be to identify the crucial steps and actions needed to reach this result.

The third stage would be to deploy the Bexcellence steps and tools to deploy the actions and steps you identified (TQM in each crucial area).

Old teachings - new ideas
by: Derren McAlpine

Since I first replied to William Kamau regarding how best to transfer his gained theoretical TQM knowldge into a real environment and reading the other comments i agree with every one especially the comments regarding knowing your strengths and weakness and looking at the whole culture of quality.

I have today taken a young intern into my work place for three months to give her an insight into quality.

I was shocked to learn that she had already researched not only my companies organisational culture but also my own working ideas and cultures thus using what i have taught in my local college on various TQM courses to her own strengths.

as with all new interns i was expecting someone whom would need coaching and guidance in TQM but after only 1 day she has given me some new insights into what TQM is all about and how this would benefit the end customer.

The moral to the story is if you have the chance take on these new people like William as they will be the next generation of quality industrialist whom will need a steady hand and wise head to guide them on their chosen path but with the ability to make you realise what you may have lost or missed.

Good luck William i hope the comments have given you some answers

How should i get involved in the real work place
by: Daniel

Whatever area or general practice that you are being hired into takes a certain amount of deligence on your part.

What this means is that to expand your knowledge base you have to be willing to become part of that discipline.

Sharing with other people is the best way to gain respect and commitment from others.

Be the person that others want to emulate and do not be afraid to help and have compassion about what you do.

I feel this would benefit you in anything you do.

Practical Applications of concepts
by: Anonymous

You can look at analysing the cost of poor quality: rework cost, apparaisal, prevention cost,etc. How much the company would benefit in manetary terms if rework costs are managed/controlled and if the company sources from quality consious suppliers.Also look at process control programmes: introduce statistical control charts. train process controllers in statistical control and the concept of variation.Introduse internal audits as well s supplier audits

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