Environmental Management System Certification

We were recently certified for ISO9001:2015 - QMS, now we need to prepare for an EMS Certification.
Actually, up to this point we're still contemplating if we really need to be certified in EMS.

Do we really need a refresher course yearly for IQA - ISO 9001?

We are a newly established electronic company with about 35 employees only, how many Internal quality auditors is advisable for a small business like this?

Would like to know also the Job Description of a Sales & Marketing manager in a company?

Could you please send me a sample Corporate Organizational Chart?

We hope you can help us in our concerns.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated response.

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EMS Response
by: Robert Broughton

The need for EMS certification depends on your customers. Are your customers asking for the certification. If yes then you should pursue it.

A yearly refresher course for IQA is not specified in ISO 9001. Be wary of those insisting on this requirement.

For a small company such as yours, I recommend 1 - 2 quality auditors. This should not be a full time position.

With regards to Sales Manager job position do a search on Careerbuilder.com for Sales Manager and then find the pertinent functions that apply to your company.

I can start you off with the Org Chart:
First Level: President
Second Level: QA Manager / Production Manager / Engineer Manager / Sales Manager.

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