Choosing an AQL

by Marcos

What I would like to know is why (AND in which occasions) some companies will choose to make the inspection based on only one AQL (1.5% for example) instead of 2 AQL (2.5% and 4% for example) or vice-versa.

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Quality Assurance Training
by: QA Guru

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AQL Factors
by: Robert

There are many factors for why companies choose an AQL. I list some below.

1) Customers can specify the AQL. This can be done in specifications.

2) Many products have established generic specifications that specify AQLs for inspection. Many military product specifications include AQL inspection requirements.

3) Product history and review determines new products AQL inspection requirements.

4) Product defect levels can determine AQLs. If customer experience product defects, the supplier will tighten the AQL inspection to prevent escaping defects. If over time customer does not experience any issues then the supplier may loosen the AQL.

5) Without any guidelines or product history, a company may establish a baseline for the AQL depending on the feature or characteristic. After experience with customers and internal findings, the AQL can be adjusted appropriately.

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