Quality management belongs to which type of business management?

first of all thank you about this topics
you touch my mind with this thoughts.

You give me another meaning about quality management
but i want to ask about something:

quality management belong to which type of business management?

i wait your replay
thank you

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Quality Management is management under operation, not business.
by: Jimi Wikman

QA does not belong to business management. It is a discipline within operations, regardless if you mean micro or macro QA.

Quality Management
by: Mohamed Fayez

Quality are two types the big quality and the small quality.

The big quality is the quality of the whole system and organisation.

The small quality is the quality of the product or service.

The management of both differs because one is macro and the other is micro.

Therefore we can say, quality management is both micro and macromanagement system.


Quality Management
by: Anonymous

Quality Management is a small part of business management.

For owners and top management there are many systems to handle , below is a list of systems :

Quality Management continue
by: Anonymous

Systems Required by Every Business for Optimal Efficiency

Daily Office Operations Systems:

Answering the telephone and 800 line system
Receiving and opening the mail
Purchasing and maintaining office supplies and equipment
Faxing and e-mailing
Dealing with incoming/outgoing delivery needs
Backing up and archiving data

Product Development Systems:

Developing product and protecting it legally
Developing packaging and collateral material (e.g., catalogs,
Developing manufacturing method and process
Developing manufacturing costing and bidding process

Manufacturing and Inventory Systems:

Selecting vendors
Determining product or service warranties offered
Establishing product or service pricing (retail and wholesale)
Establishing reorder process for inventory production
Receiving and storing product as inventory
Reconciling physical inventory with accounting records

Order Processing Systems:

Taking orders and recording the orders?by mail, fax, phone, or online
Fulfilling and packaging the orders
Sending the orders

Billing and Accounts Receivable Systems:

Billing customers for the orders
Receiving payments for the orders and crediting customers for payment (whether cash, check, or credit card)
Starting the collection process for delinquent receivables

Customer Service Systems:

Returns procedure for inventory receiving and customer payment return
Responding to customer complaints
Replacing defective product or performing other warranty service

Accounts Payable Systems:

Purchasing procedures and approvals required
Payment process for supplies and inventory
Petty cash

Marketing Systems:
Creating an overall marketing plan
Designing and producing promotional materials
Developing general leads and prospects
Creating an advertising plan
Creating a public relations plan
Creating a direct mail plan
Developing and maintaining a database
Developing and maintaining a website
Analyzing and tracking sales statistics

Human Resources Systems:

Hiring procedures and employee agreements
Training employees
Payroll process and benefit plans
General Accounting Systems:
Managing the accounting process with daily, weekly, monthly,
quarterly, and annual reports
Managing cash with future borrowing needs secured and
Budgeting and forecasting

Quality Management continue 2
by: Anonymous

General Corporate Systems:

Negotiating, drafting, and executing contracts
Developing and protecting intellectual property
Managing insurance needs and coverage
Reporting and paying federal and state or other jurisdictional taxes
Planning for federal and state or other jurisdictional taxes
Managing and storing records
Maintaining investor/shareholder relations
Ensuring legal security
Planning and managing growth

Physical Space Management Systems:

Maintaining and designing telephone and electrical systems
Planning permits and fees
Ensuring physical security

And to be honest , we quality people think that quality is the most important system , its almost true , but form your point of view , not owner point of view :)

Inclusions suggested under the Human Resource System, of BMS.
by: QA- Anonymous

Referring to the comment posted on 5th Sept. by Anonymous, stating the Various BUSINESS Mgmt. Sys. I wanna say that in my opinion, Under the HUMAN RESOURCE SYSTEMS heading, the following should be added- i) PMS (Performance Mgmt. Sys.)linked to
Reward Mgmt. Sys.(RMS)
ii)Succession Planning
iii)Talent Acquisition, Mgmt. and Retention
iv) Competency Mgmt. Sys.

Kindly ventilate your views,in regards to the addition/inclusion of the above mentioned points.

Best Regds.-

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