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Trapping Quality Costs

How does a company trap the quality cost category that the accounting system of the company don't have access to?

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How to Treat the Operating Cost of Customer Service center in the perspective of cost of quality?

IT company has the organization and infra for customer service. We call that customer service center. (Ex. Call center) To operate the service center,

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Standard Category for Hidden Quality Cost and Corresponding Measurement System?

Hidden quality cost has been researched by many researchers in recent years. There is little standard classification for invisible quality loss cost due

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There are Four Specific Types of Quality Costs

The four particular sorts of quality expenses are Prevention costs Appraisal costs Failure costs Internal failure costs External failure costs Intangible

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The expenses incurred for training?

a)appraisal cost b)internal failure cost c)prevention cos d)Loss of opportunities

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Quality Costs versus Quality Gains (Revenues)

Why shouldn't we use quality Gains or(Quality Added Revenues) instead of such a confusing Quality Cost? In my opinion, any Quality project should be Appraised

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how to calculate quality cost

how to calculate quality cost. what are the factors to consider if your company is a service company that is heavy on manpower and client servicing.

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Reducing Quality Costs

Our solution (for many years now) is to let money speak. We are in a B2B2C market of partially man made, produced to order products with a high rate of

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Internal Costs

I have seen a feature article in Quality Progress where an organization took credit for a multitude of cost and other savings. But at the expense of other

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Winning and longevity

Why would a company that is turning out a satisfactory product want to continually examine its processes and work environment?

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What are the six sigmas in tqm?

What are the six sigmas in TQM? how does it helps in an organization

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How TQM works in warehouse operation?

Can we apply TQM in warehouse management? How does TQM helps in the warehouse operations in order to be more efficient?

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How To Start TQM Program?

five concept for an effective tqm

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How is the TQM applied in the banking industries?

When applying total quality management in the banking organisations, how do we go about to ensure that a perfect and accepted total quality control is

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TQM -From Management to Leadership

In TQM we speak about leadership, yet there is a need for management in an organisation. What you think !!!

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Impact on customer satisfaction of the implementation of TQM

what would be the impact on customer satisfaction of the implementation of TQM in hospital.

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How TQM works in sales operations?

The implementation of TQM in sales

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Challenges of TQM in service organisations

Well i would like to know what are challenges that one might encounter in try to implement TQM in service organisations and how can they be overcomed.

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Capability : There are many performance metrics available (throughput, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, quality, and so on) of which Capability is just one

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Triz overview

Discusses the Triz tool and general findings

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TPM Total Productive Maintenance: Logistics, OEE, Tools and roadmap

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Buisness Process Management

Process management is a body of knowledge for Business Improvement

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What is Total Quality Managament in HR?

I want to get clear about the relation between TQM and HR. How can we implement TQM in HR.

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Business Operation Model

Know Business Operation Model is the 1st step to understand business excellence

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brainstorming,Total Quality Management Tool, six sigma tools, tqm tools, process improvement tool

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Theory of Constraints Concepts and Details

See our article on Theory of Constraints. Every system keeps at least one constraint that limits the system outputs

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value stream mapping

a value stream mapping is the first step required in any lean improvement initiative

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Validity for Measurement Systems

Validity. Understand what is MSA , road map to apply MSA Validity

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Tree diagram

Tree diagram , Total Quality Management Tool , six sigma tools, tqm tools ,process improvement tool

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Takt Time

Takt Time is defined as :The rate at which the end product or service must be produced

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