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Quality Assurance Solutions support you in starting or improving your QA program. This site presents a road-map to implement a sound, solid QA program. I assist beginners, small businesses, organizations and Quality Professionals. I provide plans, tools, and recommendations for improving your QA systems.

QA comes from many disciplines. Most think QA only covers inspection activities. While important, inspection supports only a small piece of the Quality pie.

QA includes the application of management theories, statistics, business systems, teamwork, continuous improvement tools, data collection, standards, leadership and training. The more you study it, the more expansive it becomes. I think those of us in this field enjoy it because of this diversity.

To support your learning, this site breaks Quality Assurance into 4 categories, Tools, Management, Systems, and Teams. Within each section, you will find a ton of information and more added all the time.

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Speaking of products, here you can find unique software, training videos, training guides, QA documentation and kits. For instant gratification, you can download most of these products after payment. Click here to see our products.

If you’re a beginner, start with the basics. This includes reviewing an outline for creating a QA system. I discuss the basic systems such as document control, QA manual and calibration.

As your systems evolve you may be ready for ISO 9001 certification. This website delivers a plan for achieving this certification.

If you're interested in continuous improvement, I supply the process improvement essentials. These tools are documented in the continuous improvement (CI) tools section. The CI tools include:

Are you missing a Calibration Manual, Training Software or 8D (CAPA) Software? Click the products link. We also offer training videos and training presentations for immediate download.

In addition, within this website you will find a QA Glossary, which covers:

Please consider this website as a quality assurance overview. With the information provided, you will be able to drive QA Systems, process improvement, and ISO 9001 registration.

Quality Assurance Solutions
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Lean and Continuous Improvement

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ISO 9001:2015 QA Manual

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Software, Videos, Manuals, Training Material

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