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Choosing an AQL 
QAS Home > Forum > Choosing an AQL What I would like to know is why (AND in which occasions) some companies will choose to make …

Current And Strategic Cost Benefit Presentation 
Any improvement plan or idea lies into 4 categories: 1. Low cost, Low benefit which is waste for top management. 2. High cost, low benefit which …

We need leaders...not bosses..! 
This is an all-pervading phenomenon these days in the corporate culture. The reasons can be many. But the root cause is our managers nowadays are more …

Thank you 
first of all thank you about this topics you touch my mind with this thoughts. You give me another meaning about quality managment but i want to ask …

The Language of Management is Money 
Joseph Juran said that the basic language of upper management is money. (Juran's Quality Control Handbook 4th edition (1988), page 4.4.) Juran also …

Management is only interested to its interest 
It look nice, but I have one concern here, I have been working in quality and food safety both in food manufacturing and service setups what I have seen …

Presenting ideas right is key to their adoption 
This is an important topic. Presenting ideas right is key to their adoption. I would suggest that Step 5 be moved before Step 4 and changed to "Know …

The CEO isn't interested in learning GEse 
The same goes for GEse (or Six Sigma dialogue). Engineering, IT, Quality Departments are filled with people who have to get the job done. We need tools …

Lean Principles 
I’d like to know is there standard for lean principles, techniques and tools? In some sites read about standard SAE J4000, 4001, but I don’t know how …

Total Quality Management and Quality of Life Coaching 
Total Quality Management and Quality of Life Coaching © Joe Dean Williams, PhD April 12, 2012 The beauty of Deming's philosophy of management is …

Risk Management 
I want to start my documentation based on the new iso 9001:2015 standard. can anyone be of help as to how I can carry out the risk analysis?

Can 8D Manager be used on a network? 
Does this program need to be downloaded to each user computer or can it be on a network and be used by a few select individuals? bob@powdercity.com

Are There any Articles Here on Pareto Charts? 
I could not find any good material on how to build pareto charts and conduct pareto analysis. I could only find it at http://pareto-chart.com/. Are there …

Upgarde to ISO 9001:2015 from ISO 9001:2008 
I Own a ISO 9001:2008 Company and want to upgrade it from 9001:2008 to 9001:2015. I need to do internal audit for it. I want to know how can i upgrade …

Help About Value Stream Map 
Good day mam i would like to ask some help regarding to my research paper topic is value stream mapping. Hope u can help me.

Extending Calibration Schedule Base on First Use Date 
I’d like to know whether it’s an acceptable practice to store a piece of calibrated equipment for a period of time, then “start the clock” on the calibration …

ISO: 9001-2015 New High Level Structure - Future Format of ISO Standards 
Do you know, A recent change in ISO 9001-2015 is happening in ISO standards. ISO realized the importance of commonization and similarity among various …

8D Manger System requirements 
Hi, What are the system requirements for 8D software? Will it run on the following environments: Windows XP x86 Windows 7 x86 Windows 7 x64 Windows …

Quality Management In Projects? -- ( QMiP) 
As in the developing countries the total government spending is almost 65 % on big projects in infrastructure building, Roads, Bridges, Dams,Power Generation, …

Does a simple steel ruler require calibration? 
To what extent one must go for calibration of instruments ? Should we include equipment like a scale or weighing balance or a traditional heat chamber …

Appropriate Sampling level 
My company is having Quality problems from a particular supplier. We are a small business manufacturing a patented waterproof item. I want to create a …

Referencing this Site 
How do you reference information from this site in a thesis. Barbara

Converting Defect % into Monetory Terms 
is there any simple way to convert defect % into monetory terms so that top management can easily understand...talking the language of business.

Program evaluation and quality management 
Dear friends As we know, quality audit is an evaluation of the effective implementation of QMS in an organization. Also we have program evaluation …

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Problem Suppliers 
I am in the clothing retail bussiness.We have a large supplier base from whom we buy merchandise from.Although we have given ours suppliers our Quality …

Instituting a good Business and Quality management program 
I am working with small businesses, specifically machine shops in the Mid-Willamette VAlley in Oregon. I an finding these businesess are looking to incorporate …

Sampling Plans 
What are the advantages of different kinds of sampling? Which one is universal? On what basis preference is to be given? Does sampling plan depend …

What use are Quality Policy & Quality Objectives? 
We all believe in quality, committed to it when we implement ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. But many managers find it difficult to ascertain …

14 steps proposed by Oakland 1993:425 for planning the implementation of TQM 
What are the detailed 14 steps proposed by Oakland for planning the implementation of TQM?

Implementation of ISO 14001:2004 in our Company. 
My Company is new and we are planning to be ISO Certified to 14001:2004 Environmental Management System since we are dealing with oil re-refinery which …

Quality and Ethics 
Do you agree with this statement “quality is good ethics? Discuss thank you

Environmental Management System Certification 
Do you conduct EMS Training? We were recently certified for ISO9001:2008 - QMS, now we need to prepare for an EMS Certification. Actually, up to this …

why quality 
Why is the requirement for quality

Hospitality Total Quality Management 
i am doing a research on critical success factors for TQM of hospitality business. can you suggest me some questions that can be asked to the employees.. …

Standards vs Specs 
What is the differences between standards and specifications?

8D Manager Book 
I'm looking for 8D manger book. So how can i find this book? i was trying to find from search engine however i could not find it. Emiru Getaw /from ethiopia/ …

Balance score card 
I am working for an airline call centre. My company is busy with balance score card and as a cal centre team leader i have to participate but i have less …

How to make a good policy? 
I want to know how to make policies for the hospitals that fits standards of accreditation ? Also I want to know how is the way to write a good policy …

How should i get involved in the real work place 
As a student taking a course in TQM how should i get involved in the real work place using the knowledge i have obtained from basic managemant classes? …

Why a quality manual? 
Greetings Everyone, I would like to raise a general question, maybe it has been raised already but I thing is interesting topic and would like to get …

Six Sigma Enough? 
The are basic statistical tools like six sigma, TPS, Lean enough to eliminate defects?

Complaint or Not a Complaint 
One of my supplier sent me a Finished Good that created a functional problem after it was assembled . When I complained to supplier regarding the defective …

QC System for Price Reduction 
I am working in a QC organization. We inspect clothing and textile items. If thses samples do not fulfil (to some extent)our specification we accept it …

Evaluation of the TQM 
Respected sir i want to know that who we can evaluate the TQM in our process.?

The use of the acronymn DRIVE as a quality managment toll 
I have seen a model of QM in a handout that uses the acronymn DRIVE which is define, review, identify, verify and execute and i would like to use this …

what is difference between Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Creativity & Innovation 
What is Creativity and Innovation? Why creativity and Innovation is important in any Organization?

Evolution of TQM 
the evolution of total quality management???

What is the contribution of Deming ?

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How to document the QMS for the new ISO 9001:2015 Standards?. 
Hi Everyone! My name is Anthony. I would like to find out if anyone of you has documented the Quality Management System based on the new ISO 9001:2015 …

Business Improvement & efficiency Manager Not rated yet
From my experience, usually bosses don't want to go through a long analytical report to see the core problem and to see what kind of action had been taken …

Higher Education Expert Not rated yet
This is a very important topic. Top management really always the body that hinders quality. Managers are usually cost-consious. As we are here in higher …

Slowly-slowly win the race Not rated yet
All are talking about continuous Improvement ,quality improvement but any moment you find where the problem, why it is coming at which stage we committed …

Shining is to make problems obvious! Not rated yet
With clutter gone and the storage area organized, the next step is to properly and thoroughly clean and paint equipment and work areas. This step is critical …

Toughest And Most Crucial Form Of Testing Not rated yet
Regression Testing takes lot hell of time out of overall time provided for testing of a product in any software project. Though it takes longest …

Improve every process Not rated yet
Improve every process Improve constantly and forever every process for planning, production, and service. Search continually for problems in order to …

Layout to Reduce Forklift Accidents Not rated yet
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that there are 34 900 serious injuries, including 85 fatal accidents per year in the …

Affecting the Behavior Outcomes of Employees through Harassment Training Not rated yet
In her article “The Impact of Training and Conflict Avoidance on Response to Sexual Harassment,” Caren B. Goldberg conducts a study to examine and analyze …

Software Quality Improvements Not rated yet
After reading stacey matrix theory to help organizations from falling at chaos areas. His complexity science to keep these society alive. I noticed …

Waste Reduction / Lean Methods of Manufacturing Not rated yet
Ford, GM, and Chrysler were one of the strongest companies before but right now loosing their business to their Japanese and Korean rivals, why couldn’t …

Correction vs Corrective Action on System or Process Not rated yet
Example: Nonconforming part made in CNC machine shop. The part is reworked to correct specification. Investigation identifies an error in the CNC program. …

Scorecard Not rated yet
I see Schniederman's scorecard that Kaplan and Norton publshed in 1992 from the Harvard Business School. He participated in their study and annonymous …

Six Sigma Certification Not rated yet
I have over twenty years experience in Quality Control. I need a Six Sigma Certification to advance my career. I know the methods and have been doing high …

ISO 9001:2008 8.2.1 Customer Satisfaction Not rated yet
Do you have any suggestion on what method to use regarding the customer perception requirement of this clause? 'As one of the measurements of the performance …

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