Swot Analysis Nike

Lets create a Swot Analysis Nike.

Nike Swot Analysis Strengths

  • A very professionally competitive company.
  • Has ownership of no physical factories so production can be moved to a more cost effective location when necessary.
  • Very well branded among consumers.
  • Offers their products worldwide.
  • Have offices in forty five different countries.
  • Fortune 500 company.
  • Employs over thirty thousand people across the world.
  • Has a very strong marketing campaign that increases brand familiarity.
  • Chains of retail stores such as Niketown.
  • Has ventured into many different rebranding opportunities with successful results.
  • Providing lightweight shoes by incorporating lunarlite foam materials.
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Swot Analysis Nike Weaknesses

  • Profits are largely dependent on the footwear products while other branded products are not as strong.
  • History of violations of over time laws and minimum wage rates in Vietnam.
  • Accusations of poor conditions in the work place.
  • Accusations of exploiting workforces that will work for cheap in overseas countries.
  • Constant focal point for negative criticism by the anti-globalization groups.

Swot Analysis Nike Opportunities

  • Creating sportswear items by incorporating the waste from regular manufacturing.
  • Stepping into the line of economy boosting projects that will encourage recycling.
  • Product development that changes as the trends change.
  • Expansion into sport sunglasses and jewelry lines.
  • Expansion in the global markets to create larger brand recognition.
  • Reducing controversy surrounding their trade and production practices.

Swot Analysis Nike Threats

  • Operating business internationally opens them to the possibilities of currency value fluctuations that can lead to losses.
  • Competitors are becoming more aggressive and creating high quality products that are taking from the profits of NIKE.
  • Sensitivity to price among consumers leads them to purchase the most cost effective pair of sports shoes.
  • Maintaining the reputation of being eco-friendly.
  • Managing the financial conditions in the economy today.

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