McDonalds SWOT

At the bottom of this page is a McDonalds SWOT analysis and color report / graph. We used SWOT Manager software to create the report.

McDonalds SWOT Strength

  • Ranks very high on the Fortune Magazine's food service companies that are most admired list.
  • One of the best brand recognition in the world, the golden arches and Ronald McDonald.
  • Community oriented business models.
  • Very socially responsible.
  • Global operations all over the world.
  • Cultural diversity in the foods that are provided based on location of the restaurant.
  • A large part of the restaurants are franchised out.
  • Excellent locations in theme parks, airports, Wal-Mart stores, and along most well traveled roads.
  • Efficient operating guidelines in the assembly line fashion.
  • Use of top quality beef and chicken products.
  • Use of brand name processed items like Kraft cheese, Dannon Yogurt, and Dasani Water.
  • Food safety guidelines are strictly adhered to.
  • Provide nutritional information to the consumers.

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McDonalds SWOT Weaknesses

  • Failing pizza test market thus limiting their ability to complete with fast food pizza providers.
  • Training costs are elevated due to high turnover.
  • Very minimal concentration on providing organic foods.
  • Large fluctuations in their net and operating profits making impacts on the investors.
  • Not much variation in seasonal products that are offered.
  • Quality concerns due to franchised operations.
  • Focus on burgers and grease fried foods and not on healthier options for their customers.

McDonalds SWOT Analysis Opportunities

  • Opening more joint ventures with several different retailers.
  • Being more responsive to the social changes to healthier options.
  • Advertising the capabilities of Wifi internet services in the branches.
  • Creating more play places for the children in more of the restaurants.
  • Expanding on the advertising in regards to being more socially responsible in the environment.
  • Expansions of business into newly developed parts of the world.
  • Creating a more upscale appearance to attract a more upscale clientele.
  • Open products up to allergen free options such as peanut free and gluten free foods.
  • Continue to venture into more enticing beverage choices.

McDonalds SWOT Analysis Threats

  • Their marketing strategies that entice people from small children all the way to adults and the criticism that they take because of it.
  • Lawsuits for offering unhealthy foods that have alleged addictive additives.
  • Contamination risks that include the threat of e-coli containments.
  • The vast amount of eat in fast food restaurants that are open as competition.
  • Social changes to a more balanced meal including fruits and vegetables in servings of five per day.
  • Focus on healthier dieting by consumers.
  • Down turn in economy affecting the ability to eat out as much.

After reviewing this McDonalds SWOT Analysis see here for detailed info on creating SWOTs

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