Internal Audit Plan

The internal audit plan consist of particular questions that you ask during the audit. These questions provide insight into your QA systems.

The audit plan could cover a system, process or department audit. The plan references your organization systems, or the ISO 9001 element for each question. The plan could cover an element from your interaction chart.

The audit plan is a document that list the planned questions. A final report references the internal audit plan and provides the answers to those questions.

Here are some questions that I like to quiz employees during an departmental ISO 9001 audit.

Yes / No Questions

Do employees know the quality policy?

Do employees know the quality objectives and understand them with regards to their function?

Do employees know where their procedures are located?

Are all procedures and specifications controlled?

Are all forms current in the department?

Do employees know what is the most current revision of the document?

Can employee identify which documents cover inspection?

Can employee identify which documents contain the specifications?

Does employee know the specifications for the critical parameters?

Do employees know when changes are made to the process?

Do employees follow the inspection procedures?

Are the inspections documented?

Are inspection records completely filled in?

Do inspection records results agree with specification requirements?

Can employees locate the procedure for the equipment or process they are conducting?

Does the procedure for the equipment or process actually reflect employee’s methods?

Do employees send parts to MRB when inspection does not meet specifications?

Can the parts be tracked to all raw materials?

Can employee describe how to select next work item?

Does employee know the process on ordering goods?

Does employee know the approval process for a purchase order?

Is the equipment in the PM (Preventive Maintenance) system? Are there records for PM?

Are all critical raw materials labeled with accept stamps or traceable to an accept stamp?

Have all critical raw material been inspected and approved?

Are all measuring equipment labeled with measurement status?

Are all calibrations within due date?

Do employee know if testing equipment is OK to use?

Do calibration records reflect findings for the equipment?

Do employees know what to do with non conforming parts?

Are production status labels properly used?

Are storage containers properly labeled?

Are there training records for each employee?

Is the training effective?

Are employee training needs determined?

Are training needs being addressed by the supervisor?

Are employees involved in continuous improvement teams?

Do employees know what to do when an out of control condition exists?

Is department clean?

Does operator maintain cleanliness?

Are employees following safety procedures?

Do employees know where the MSDS are located?

Are employees properly storing tooling?

These are yes / no questions for the internal audit plan

Open End Questions

Tell me about the quality policy.

What quality objective do you affect?

How do you know these procedures are OK to follow?

Tell me about your work process.

Show me this process in your procedure.

What is the specification for this inspection?

What do you do when you find a defective part?

What is the traceability for this product?

Show me how you record the inspection.

How do you know this product is good?

What do you do when you see an out of control point?

How do you order supplies?

What do you do when you encounter a production problem?

What type of training have you received?

How do you know if this measuring equipment is ok to use?

What do you do when a piece of equipment breaks down?

These are open end questions for the internal audit plan

After reviewing the internal audit plan questions,here is more information on conducting an internal audit.

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