5S Slogans

Below we list popular 5S Slogans.

General 5S Mottos

  • Do your best, follow 5S
  • 5S begins with removing excess
  • Never rest with 5S
  • We request, please follow 5S
  • One goal, one passion 5S
  • World shines with sunrise Your (Company name) shines with 5S
  • 5S practice is a Good beginning Never ending practice.
  • Everyday is 5S day
  • Good factories develop beginning with the 5S’s; bad factories fall apart beginning with the 5S’s.
  • Don’t guess, 5S
  • Get Lean, Get Mean, 5S it.

5S themes without mentioning 5S

  • Clean - The Clever Way
  • A place for Everything, Everything in its Place
  • Think Different, Think Clean
  • A place for everything and everything in its place, clean and ready for use
  • To get things right to the right place at the right time, the first time, while minimizing waste and being open to change

5S statements with methods

  • Sort, Sparkle, Store, Standardise, Sustain
  • Seiri now, Seitong now, Seiso now
  • Sort - what's needed, what's not, Set - locations for tools, information etc., Shine - Clean everything, Standardise - Implement standard routines, Sustain - Monitor & Improve.
  • CAN DO - Cleanliness, Arrangement, Neatness, Discipline, Order

After reviewing these 5S slogans, see here for lean 5S best practices

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