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Project Management Software that Drives Lean and Continuous Improvement Activities

StreamLiner Software lets users conduct, organize, and monitor improvement activities within your company. This project management software focuses on lean techniques, streamlining, auditing and multiple improvement activities that helps your company constantly improve. Your data is centralized and allows multiple employees to quickly access key important improvement activities






Waste Walk

Eliminating Problems  


More Details

Streamliner lets you...

  • Track all improvement activities for any project.
  • Conduct audits, create audit checklists, track results and assign actions from those audits.
  • Track meetings and assign actions from those meetings.
  • Conduct Waste Walk activities using the 8Ws approach and assign action items.
  • Conduct 5S Audits and assign actions.
  • Conduct process analysis reviews and assign actions.
  • Analysis the process with Cause / Concern / Counter (CCC) approach and assign actions.
  • Track and link all documents for the project.

All reviews, surveys, and audits feed into an Action list. This list lets you...

  • For a given project, monitor all actions in one list.
  • Rate the actions based benefits, cost, and speed (BCS) score, which lets you prioritize the actions.
  • Create action lists reports by BCS, Responsible Employees, Due Date, Open and Closed.
  • Quickly sort the actions by process, employee, due date, item, status, and BCS scores.

This software can revolutionize the way that you identify and manage improvements. No longer do you need to have numerous improvement plans on your walls. No longer do you have to try to guess the right improvement to focus on. Follow the StreamLiner system and you can save time and effort as you improve your team's clarity and accelerate your business' improvement wins.

Furthermore, if you operate a more general continuous improvement suggestion scheme, you can use StreamLiner to help manage your staff's expectations, as well as clearly communicate the improvement idea 'leaderboard'. Streamliner is a flexible and robust tool that lets you take the effort and organization out of making change happen in your business.

To Purchase StreamLiner...

Please pick the correct version of StreamLiner that meets your needs.

After payment, you will immediately receive an email with a link to download the software.  

Microsoft Access Version: StreamLiner

If you have Microsoft Access (version 2003 or greater) then select this version.

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Non Microsoft Access Version, Microsoft Windows Only: StreamLiner

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StreamLiner focuses on lean, 5S, auditing and other important improvement tools. Streamliner provides many printed templates for you to use during your project analysis process.

  • Blank Audit
  • Planned Audit (audit checklist)
  • Process Analysis
  • Waste walk
  • CCC
  • 5S
  • Meetings Responsibility List
  • Spaghetti Map

StreamLiner helps you pull together all of your ongoing improvement activities, and lets you comfortably manage all of the improvement actions that arise. As we all know, it is only after we implement a change that we receive the benefits. StreamLiner takes out the complexity of doing this. It helps you see what you need to do first and ultimately shortens the time it takes for your business to achieve the process improvement results it wants.

StreamLiner includes

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Actions items per Project
  • Unlimited items per category
  • Summaries and Reports for each area within StreamLiner
  • A full Instruction Manual
  • Bonus A detailed guide for streamlining processes and a PowerPoint presentation for teaching the concepts.

StreamLiner lets you

  • Print, create PDFs and email reports
  • Export Data to Excel
  • Spell Check your input
  • Quickly sort all your data for any type of input
  • Quickly Drill down to a specific or set of records.
  • Quickly find the source of any improvement activity.
  • Easily grow your user base. The software is network compatible. You can place the main file on your network and other users who have a license can work with the same data at the same time as other users. We offer discount pricing for additional users at your location.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Within 30 days, if you are not satisfied with StreamLiner, I will refund your money. 

StreamLiner is only $59.00. 

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