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Lean Manufacturing Training

PowerPoint Presentation

Invest in Lean and make your company more efficient...

Do you want to...
  • Kick off your Lean implementation program?
  • Train your staff in Lean principles
  • Impress management and continually drive a Lean culture?

This professional PowerPoint presentation on Lean Manufacturing saves you a significant amount of time. If you created this material yourself you could easily spend 24 to 40 hours just making the slides. See below for pictures of some of the slides. Use this PowerPoint to teach your employees how to implement Lean.

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Lean Manufacturing Training Description

“Lean” is a management philosophy based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). With the Lean approach, you enhance value for your customers by improving and smoothing the process flow and eliminating waste.  Simply put, with Lean, you increase productivity and create greater customer value with less resources.

Number of Slides: 150



  • Explain how Lean principles and practices improve business performance

  • Describe the Lean definition and approach to continuous improvement

  • Define value and waste

  • Identify key Lean tools and techniques for waste elimination

  • Describe the process of Lean implementation

  • Explain the role of Lean leadership

  • Identify the critical success factors



  • Introduction to Lean

  • Value & Waste

  • Lean Principles

  • Lean Manufacturing Framework (TPS)

  • Stability

  • Standardization

  • Just-In-Time

  • Jidoka

  • Employee Involvement

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Problem Solving

  • Lean Implementation

  • Role of Lean Leadership

  • Developing "Kaizen Eyes"

  • Critical Success Factors

  • Summary


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