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Training Presentation

Hoshin Kanri

Save time, Train Hoshin Kanri, Quickly Improve your Company's Long Term Planning and Strategies...

  • Do you want to implement a systematic approach to strategic, tactical and operational planning to your company?
  • Do you need to train your staff on the Hoshin Kanri method?
  • Is your staff new to long term company planning, setting goals, and assuring you meet those goals?
  • Do you want to present a professional powerpoint that will impress your employees, peers and the management team?

This professional presentation saves you a significant amount of time. If you created this presentation yourself you could easily spend 24 to 40 hours just making the slides. See below for pictures of some of the slides. Use this PowerPoint to teach your employees how to quickly improve your company's planning by applying the Hoshin Kanri Technique.

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Hoshin Kanri (a.k.a. Policy Deployment or Hoshin Planning) is a powerful, systematic Strategic Planning methodology that uses a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to create goals, choose control measures and link daily control activities to the company's strategy. It involves a key business metrics as the driving force of alignment, clarification and employee involvement. The methodology continues to be used by some of the world’s most successful companies such as Toyota, Hewlett-Packard and Bank of America.

How To Use the PowerPoint Training Presentation

Deliver this professionally-developed presentation to an audience as a 1-2 hour briefing to train employees on Hoshin Planning.  Use the slides in a workshop for managers and staff of the organization who need to understand the structure and importance of  Hoshin Kanri

This presentation package includes a set of ready-to-use templates (e.g. X Matrix, Alignment & Deployment Chart, A3 report, etc.) which you can freely modify according to your needs.

You may customize this Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to your specific needs and preferences. Add slides, combine them with our other presentations, it's up to you. The only restriction is that the presentation cannot be resold without our prior written consent.

Number of slides: 135


  • Focuses the entire company on a few vital goals, rather than the trivial many
  • Creates alignment towards breakthrough objectives through involvement of the whole management team in the planning process
  • Communicates the key goals to all managers and staff
  • Integrates and encourages cross-functional cooperation to achieve breakthroughs
  • A review process which holds participants accountable for achieving their part of the plan


  • Gain an understanding of the principles and key concepts
  • Define the Hoshin Planning process, tools and key elements
  • Provide step-by-step approach to planning implementation and review process for managed change
  • Gain practical knowledge and skills in applying the Hoshin Kanri process and tools


  • Introduction to Hoshin Kanri (HK)
    • What is HK?
    • Purpose of HK
    • Linkages of Hoshin Kanri, Balanced Scorecard & MBO
    • Comparison of HK with MBO
  • Underlying Principles of Hoshin Kanri
    • Plan-Do-Check–Act Cycle
    • Pareto Principle
    • Cause-and-Effect Relationship
  • HK Process Using PDCA Approach
    • Review of Strategic Planning Process
    • HK Cascade
    • HK Steps
    • Hoshin Kanri Incorporating the Balanced Scorecard
    • Top Management Objective Setting
    • Deployment to Department Managers
    • Operationalize through Projects
    • Performance Review
  • Hoshin Kanri Tools
    • X Matrix
    • Alignment & Deployment Chart
    • Management Control Chart
    • Daily Management Matrix
    • A3 Report
  • Elements of HK
    • Performance Measurements
    • Breakthrough Hoshin
    • Daily Management
    • Cross-functional Management
  • Management Reviews
    • Types of Reviews
    • Checklist & Guidelines for Reviews
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Summary & Closing Comments

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