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Training Presentation

5S Process for High Workplace Productivity

Save Time, Train, Implement and Sustain Lean 5S at your company

  • Do you need to teach the lean 5S process to your company?
  • Do you need to save time from creating the 5S presentation?
  • Do you want to present a professional PowerPoint that will impress your employees, peers and the management team?
  • Do you want to kick start your Lean 5S program implementation?
  • Do you need to maintain and sustain your 5S program?

This professional presentation on 5S implementation, maintenance, and visual management saves you a significant amount of time. If you created this presentation yourself you could easily spend 24 to 40 hours just making the slides. See below for pictures of some of the slides. Use this PowerPoint and assure you don't forget the important 5S strategies during your 5S training.

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5S Process Description

The 5S workplace organization system applies a set of basic management principles that many companies widely adopt to maximize productivity and organization. As a cornerstone of lean management, 5S improves workplace morale, safety and efficiency.

In this training presentation, you will learn how to mobilize and align your management team to launch or improve a 5S process and Visual Management implementation in your organization. The presentation covers 5S and Visual Management best practices, step-by-stepimplementation guidance, and the best ways to integrate lean 5S into the organization's culture to achieve sustainable world-class excellence.

This PowerPoint includes...

  • The principles of 5S
  • The benefits of Visual Management
  • The application of 5S in the shop floor and the office
  • The necessary infrastructure.
  • Initial implementation
  • Future refinement
  • Audit systems

How To Use the PowerPoint Training Presentation

Deliver this professionally-developed presentation to your entire staff as a 1-2 hour briefing to teach the 5S system.  Use the slides in a workshop for managers and staff of the organization who need to understand the basics and importance of 5S implementation and sustainability.

You may customize this Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to your specific needs and preferences. Add slides, combine them with our other presentations, it's up to you. The only restriction is that the presentation cannot be resold without our prior written consent.

Number of slides: 137


  • Understand the benefits of working in a clean and neat environment
  • Identify waste in the work environment
  • Understand the meaning and applications of 5S principles
  • Apply visual management tools and enhance workplace organization
  • Design and implement a 5S audit system
  • Define the right conditions to sustain 5S process
  • Implement a 5S management review process
  • Define the critical success factors for lean 5S implementation


  • Introduction & Overview
  • 5S Provides a Solid Foundation to Lean Implementation
  • Types of waste in the Workplace
  • What is 5S?
  • Benefits of 5S process
  • 5S Principles - Step By Step
    • 1S: Seiri (Sort)
      • Principle & Meaning
      • Sorting by Frequency of Use
      • Red Tagging
      • Examples
    • 2S: Seiton (Set in Order)
      • Principle & Meaning
      • Lines, Signs and Labels
      • Examples
    • 3S: Seiso (Shine)
      • Principle & Meaning
      • 3-Step Approach to Cleaning
      • Examples
    • 4S: Seiketsu (Standardize)
      • Principle & Meaning
      • Examples
    • 5S: Shitsuke (Sustain)
      • Principle & Meaning
      • Examples
  • How to Conduct a Red Tagging Exercise
  • Creating a Visual Workplace
  • Applying 5S to:
    • Safety
    • Quality
    • Equipment Reliability
    • Productivity
  • 5S in the Office
  • How to Implement 5S
  • How to Sustain 5S
  • 5S Audit System
  • Supporting Lean Tools for 5S
  • Critical Success Factors

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