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Training Presentation - Total Productive Maintenance

Save Time, Train, and Implement Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) with this proven system...

  • Do you need to teach the Total Productive Maintenance methodology to your company?
  • Do you need to save time from creating the TPM presentation?
  • Do you want to present a professional PowerPoint that will impress your employees, peers and the management team?
  • Do you need to assure equipment continuously runs and reduce breakdowns?
  • Do you want to involve operators, supervisors and your maintenance team in TPM synergy?

This professional presentation on Total Productive Maintenance combines the TPM tools, 5S, OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), 8 pillars, Autonomous and Planned maintenance into a highly detailed training tool. This PowerPoint includes a step by step implementation process of TPM. If you created this presentation yourself you could easily spend 24 to 40 hours just making the slides. See below for pictures of some of the slides. Use this PowerPoint and assure you don't forget the important TPM strategies during your TPM training.


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As a company-wide initiative, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) maximizes the effectiveness of equipment. The TPM program significantly increases labor and capital productivity while, at the same time, increases employee morale and job satisfaction. TPM brings maintenance into focus as a necessary and vitally important part of the business. Targeted at all levels of the organization, TPM and its 8 Pillars provide the necessary supporting process and tools to achieve zero defects, zero breakdowns and zero accidents.

How To Use the PowerPoint Training Presentation

Deliver this professionally-developed presentation to your entire staff as a 1-2 hour briefing to teach the 5S system.  Use the slides in a workshop for managers and staff of the organization who need to understand the basics and importance of  benchmarking implementation and system.

You may customize this Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to your specific needs and preferences. Add slides, combine them with our other presentations, it's up to you. The only restriction is that the presentation cannot be resold without our prior written consent.

Number of slides: 185


  • Understand the concept and management philosophy of TPM as a foundation for Lean Transformation
  • Learn the 8 pillars of TPM activities, TPM implementation strategy, roadmap and the step-by-step approach
  • Learn the TPM tools and identify and eliminate production loss through TPM implementation
  • Learn how to kick-start TPM deployment with Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance, Focused Improvement and Education & Training activities to improve equipment reliability


· Overview of TPM

- TPM Definition

- TPM Principles

- Characteristics of TPM

- TPM is a Paradigm Shift

- Why TPM?

- TPM Goals

- Eight Major Pillars of TPM

- TPM Benefits

· TPM Foundations – 5S & Visual Management

- What is 5S?

- Meaning of 5S

- Visual Management

- 5S & Equipment Maintenance

- What Do 5S & TPM Have in Common?

· TPM Tools

- Small Group Activities

- Suggestion System

- Fuguai Tagging

- One Point Lessons

- Activity Board

· Equipment Loss & Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

- Loss Structure in Production Activities

- Six Big Equipment Losses

- Three Key Components of OEE

- Overall Equipment Effectiveness

- Strategies for Zero Breakdowns

· The 8 Pillars of TPM

- Autonomous Maintenance

- Planned Maintenance

- Early Equipment Management

- Focused Improvement

- Quality Maintenance

- Education & Training

- TPM in the Office

- Safety & Environmental Management

· Autonomous Maintenance

- Goals of Autonomous Maintenance

- Three Key Tools for Autonomous Maintenance

- Example of Autonomous Maintenance

- Example of Autonomous Maintenance Activity Board

- 7 Steps of Autonomous Maintenance

· Planned Maintenance

- How to Achieve the Natural Life Cycle of Equipment

- Main Activities of Planned Maintenance

- 6 Steps of Planned Maintenance

· Improving Equipment Reliability through Integration of Autonomous Maintenance & Planned Maintenance

- Integration of Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance and Education & Training

- Implementing Autonomous Maintenance with Planned Maintenance

· TPM Implementation

- TPM Master Plan

- Role of Pillar Champion

- Example of TPM Pillar Activity Board

- 12 Steps of TPM Implementation

- Additional TPM Activities

- Selection of Pilot Area

- How to Sustain TPM

- Critical Success Factors for TPM Implementation

Slide Examples